Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thrown for a loop.

    This baby is a tricky one. Every time I think I have this pregnancy figured out it throws me for a loop. Around my 12 week mark I was feeling really good. I was thinking my vomiting was on the upside. So I decided to stop taking the meds. Maybe it was a combination of me hating to be on meds while I am prego, or the fact that I really hate some of the side effects the meds, or maybe I just really wanted to believe I was better, any of these reasons could be why I stopped taking the meds but it was a bad idea. The day after I stopped taking the meds  the vomiting started hardcore. So after three bad days I went back on the meds. My body is still adjusting but hopefully it will be back to normal soon.

    Also this same weekend I decided to stop taking my meds, I started to spot a little. So I reached down to make sure everything was okay and something was coming out. I immediately called the doctor and he said since I wasn't cramping or bleeding I wasn't having a miscarriage. He said it sounded like my bladder was hanging low. I guess in pregnancy when all your organs are rearranging it can cause your bladder to slip down low. Well I went into the doctor today to check on things and it turns out it is not my bladder it is my cervix hanging out! I have what's called a prolapsed cervix. It is something that is common with women who have had a lot of babies and are really stretched out. Where I have only had one prior baby and had no complications during birth they were really surprised. SO what this means is currently they can't do anything for it. The baby is in no danger. It is healthy and strong which I am very grateful for! As I get further along it may become more of a complication. It could come out during birth, if that were to happen they would put it back up in me and hopefully while I heal it would stay up. If it doesn't I would have to have surgery to hook it up in there.

     I worry, Tyler worries but there isn't much we can do right now. It's all kind of in the unknown currently, I try not to worry over things I have no control over but I feel like I should have control over this. It's my body right? ha ha I am just praying and having a lot of faith right now. With trials you faith grows stronger! Even with my house the disaster it is, the craziness this pregnancy has been, and the sickness I have felt the last six weeks I have never felt closer to my Heavenly Father than I do now. He has had his arms around me this entire time. I can tell he has had a hand in Sophia too. She has been so calm and understanding for a 20 month old. She watches her momma on the couch and in the bathroom and just comes and kisses my head and will go play with her toys. I just can't believe how amazing she has been the last 2 months! I truly am blessed.

    I need to give another shout out to my amazing family and friends. All the prayers and service have been amazing and more than I could ask for! I need to give a special shout out to my husband who is so unbelievably busy with school and getting ready for the O.A.T. and so much more and has been my rock through this whole thing. He dotes on me and gets me whatever I need, he is so good with Sophia when he gets home and he is constantly trying to cook and clean for me. He is a great man! We missed all of our holidays this year because I was so sick, we missed my birthday, our anniversary, and valentines day. I was even gone over Valentines Day so the day after I am home on the couch ill and  my amazing husband sent me some of my favorite flowers! Daisies! They were gorgeous and they sat on my TV stand till they were way past dead! He is just so sweet to think of me all the time!



Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Guess What..

    SO it's Official Tyler and I are expecting baby number 2! We are very excited! I am only about ten weeks along and with Sophia I waited a few more weeks to tell everyone but I am really sick. With Sophia I was just as sick and holed up inside  my house till I felt better then told people when I was ready. This time around I have really needed help taking care of Sophia so people have found out a lot sooner than last time.

     That being said I need to give a big shout out and huge THANK YOU! to all my family and friends and wonderful ward for the love and support. I am one of those lucky pregnant women who is sick all day long. The doctor put me on Zofran, a nausea medication for cancer patients. Just to give you an idea of how sick I am, even on that med I have still lost ten pounds in the last two weeks. The Medication helps a lot with the throwing up but I am still really nauseous all the time, feel weak (mostly cause I don't eat much), and get migraines (a side effect of the meds). I have also had  really bad joint pain with this pregnancy, which is new to me. I get it in my arms, from my shoulders down to my fingers, it hurts so bad someday's that I can't even hold a glass of water. I was worried this was a bad side effect of the medication but the doctor said it wasn't and that it tends to happen to women who are pregnant because of the extra fluids in your body, they gather around your joints like arthritis.

     I am lucky to have family so close. My sister and my mother took Sophia for 4 days and gave me a break!    My mother in law came a took Sophia for the week so I could relax! Sara brought me a bunch of movies to keep me entertained. Hanna has been so good at volunteering to watch Sophia for me, go grocery shopping, and checking in on me every few days to see if I need anything, and I have an amazing ward who has brought us dinners, and friends and ladies in the ward who volunteer to take Sophia for play dates. To top it all off my wonderful husband who is at my beck and call everyday, attempts to clean the house, fills prescriptions, eats frozen dinners cause I don't cook, and puts up with my non happy attitude all day. I amazingly blessed to have great family and friends in my life! To all of you I am so GRATEFUL! You have all been truly amazing!

     I am supposed to be 10.5 weeks today. I had my first doctors appointment today. The nurse was so sweet to me she almost made me feel better! She made my day! I must look pretty bad cause the moment she saw me in the waiting room she was like "You don't feel good do you?" ha ha needless to say an 8:30am doctors appointment is not ideal for me but oh well. The doctor was very nice and tried to listen for the heartbeat and couldn't find it. He wanted to just do an Ultra sound the problem was we weren't in the main office and they didn't have any nice ones out there, so he pulled out this super old ultrasound machine and we could see the baby but not very well. The machine didn't zoom in and my uterus is tilted back which made it harder to see. He also said according to that ultrasound machine I was only 8 weeks. So they scheduled me for another ultra sound at the main office with the nice machines on the 9th. They will give me an official due date then.  Other than that everything else looks good.

     I hope this doesn't sound like a ranting post or that I am ungrateful. We are very grateful and very excited about this pregnancy!! We couldn't be more thrilled! I am very excited for Sophia to have a sibling and it helps every time I see her I think I get another one of those in like 7 months! I can't wait! I think about this baby all day, how it's doing in there, whether it's another girl or a boy, if it will look like this little girl (who looks just like daddy) or if this baby will look like me? We can't wait! Plus to top it all off this baby will be just four months younger than Sara's! How fun to have cousin's so close together, I have a couple cousin's that are just a few months younger/older than me and we were great friends growing up! It will be so fun!

     What do you think? Will the next one look like this silly girl? Sorry that turned into a novel!