Monday, June 25, 2012

Baby Boy 28 weeks

     Last Monday was my 28 week mark. The appointment answered a few questions for us but we still have quite a few unanswered questions too. Anyway lets talk about the worst part of the appointment first. It was the dreaded glucose test. That drink makes me so nauseous! I must look really pale or something when I am sick because the nurses can always tell haha. First thing she asked me was, are you not feeling good! Then on top of that I had to get poked twice to draw blood. My husband was sitting right by me though because he knows how much I hate needles!! Good news is the test came back normal and everything was good. I was more worried about my blood pressure and my Iron level, because I had pre-eclampsia and low Iron with Sophia but both were normal (for now). We are hoping they stay that way.

     I feel like this little man is huge but the doc keeps telling me I am measuring right on. This little boy is super active though! The doctor couldn't get him to hold still to find his heart beat long enough to count it. He tried squishing the baby into one spot so he couldn't move and the baby just kicked his little monitor really hard so we still couldn't listen. It was pretty funny! The doctor just laughed and said obviously he is doing good in there.

     So some new things we learned. The baby is still breach, they are telling me he can still flip but he has been in the same position for the last 3 months. He seems pretty comfortable where he is. I am getting nervous but keeping our hopes up. We also learned if I do end up having a c-section they will not do the hysterectomy at the same time if they don't have to because I could lose way to much blood. They will only do that in emergencies, they will however tie my tubes while I am in there. Why are am I tying my tubes if I am needing a hysterectomy? If we can, they want to wait and see how I heal after the baby to determine when I would actually need the hysterectomy. So I am getting my tubes tied because if it heals pretty good it could be years before I would actually need the hysterectomy. We are hoping that is the case but we just wont know till after the baby gets here. The doc also told me that because the baby is breach and I am farther along I will be coming in a lot more often. They want to track the baby and they don't want me going into labor on my own if the baby is still breach. My labor with Sophia was really fast so they want to have control over this one if I am going to be having a c-section.

    Anyway I am 29 weeks now. I am getting there! We are getting so excited to meet this little guy! I have so many friends due this summer before me and this week 3 of them had babies. It is making me so excited for  my little man, he just needs to finish cooking first.


Fathers Day

     Father's day weekend was quite eventful for us. We celebrated Sophia's 2nd birthday on Saturday (post to come.) It was a blast and so fun to see family and friends. Sunday I was so worn out  that I didn't want to do anything but lay in bed ha ha. I promised Tyler we would celebrate Father's Day Monday instead. Sunday we drove down to  my parents house and spent the day with them and my siblings. It was a good time as always. My mom made a delicious dinner and homemade pies for dessert. My dad said he didn't want any gifts he just wanted us to come visit so I was off the hook for gifts! 

     So on Monday when I had gotten some energy back I got to work picking up the apartment. It was filled with birthday leftovers. I cleaned it up for Tyler and got creative making him a candy bar poster. I haven't made one of these since like Junior High. It was really fun. I just bought a bunch of candy bars I thought I could make fun sentences out of. Tyler loved it, and I thought maybe all the sugar would help get him through  the last week or so of cramming for the OAT. 

Here is what it says. Dear Tyler, Happy Father's Day! We think you are a 100 GRAND and a SWEET TART of a dad! I know sometimes us RUNTS can go on a shopping SPREE and ruin your PAYDAY but we think you are a WHOPPER of a dad! We love that you put up with us when we act like NERDS! We don't want to let you slip through our BUTTERFINGERs. So we just want you to know we think you are the ORIGINAL MR. GOODBAR! And we promise....

to always LAFFFY TAFFY at your jokes! We love you more then the MILKY WAY! Love always your hot MAMBA and your SUGAR BABIES!! 

I thought I was pretty clever! Tyler loved it!

     For dinner I made German pancakes. I cooked them in a cupcake pan so they made individual bowls. I filled them with fruit and topped them with homemade whipped cream! They were so yummy! We love eating breakfast for dinner. We added bacon, hash browns, and chocolate milk to the meal and we were stuffed in no time. It was a simple but a good Father's day. 


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thrice and Ely

      June has been a busy busy month in this house. Our days have been filled with family. friends, pool trips, road trips, father's day, and Sophia's 2nd Birthday!! Can you believe my little girl is 2? I can't!! It is crazy time flies so fast! Anyway I have some catching up to do. So we will start at the beginning of June. The second weekend in June we had a fun, long weekend planned. It started Thursday with a trip to Salt lake. Tyler and I had tickets to the Thrice's farewell concert. Tyler has been wanting to get me out to one since we  were dating. This was our last chance so we took it. My parents watched Sophia for us and we had a fabulous time.

      We started with dinner at a place in Slat Lake called Bruges Waffles and Frites. Its is a European waffle and french fry house. It is AMAZING! If you ever have a chance to go there DO IT! seriously waffles so yummy, they have like chunks of butter and sugar cooked inside them so it is literally melt in your mouth. Their french fries are so perfectly cooked and they have amazing sauces that aren't even close to being like a fry sauce but are so good! Anyway I could go on (can you tell I am prego?) but it was delicious!

      After dinner we went and got in line for the show. I got quite a few funny looks for being 6 months prego and being at a rock concert! 

     There were 2 opening bands for Thrice and they were the worst opening bands I have ever heard in my life! Not kidding so bad! They let us in the doors at 630 and Thrice didn't even start playing till almost 10. I was done by then ha ha but once thrice came on it was so worth it!! the started with one of my favorite songs and they are amazing performers live! I am so glad Tyler took me to see them because it seriously made me love them! It was well worth the wait. 

     Friday morning we jumped in the car and headed to Ely for the weekend. The annual Fears, Beers, and Tears bike race was the same weekend. We always love going down to Ely. It is nice and relaxing and during the race there is always all kinds of random people there and it is so fun to get to know all the new people that stay at Kent and Saundra's place, and to see the people that come back every year. 

     Tyler was nervous about the race because he hadn't ridden since last years race. He decided to race the beginner loop, which his little brother Seth also decided last minute to race. Seth is 13. The loop is 17 miles. It was pretty impressive! Anyway Tyler was so surprised he took 3rd place! He probably could have taken first but his chain broke the last mile of his time section. He was excited and I was proud of him! Seth didn't even take last he took 11th out of like 15 riders. Kent took first in the expert loop. Which is like a crazy amount of miles, I don't remember but something in the high 30's or 40 miles. Yeah he is pretty awesome.  

    The boys and their trophies.  Anyway our weekend was a blast and Sophia got to spend some quality time with grandma, which she loves! We all went home Sunday exhausted but happy. 


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sophia's first trip to the dentist

     My sister in law Jess is in school to become a dental hygienist. She needed a client today and I told her I could bring Sophia in. Sophia did surprisingly well. She wold open her mouth but after asking her a ton she got sick of it and we had to get creative to get her to keep her mouth open. I would bribe her with a fruit snack and then not feed it to her and she would get so mad at me ha ha, but it worked (I gave her the fruit snacks after). I only snapped a couple pics but I wanted to document it so enjoy the 3 pics I took.

She got these cool glasses to wear instead of goggles to make her feel special.

Notice how worried she looks ha ha. I don't think she enjoyed the feel of the gloves n her mouth. I would say for her only being 2 she did pretty dang well at the dentist! 


Me and my crafty self

     As previously stated I did also make my mother in law a mother's day gift. I just got it to her this weekend so now I can show you what I made her. I made her some photo blocks with pictures of her 3 granddaughters on it. They turned out so cute and she loved them! Sorry for the poor quality of pics. I always finish my projects at night after Sophia goes to bed so then my pics have crappy lighting when I take them. 

     Also another I craft I just recently finished was one for my sister. She just moved into a new apartment and bought herself all brand new furniture. While we were shopping we were looking for decorative pillows for her couches. Well pillows are expensive!! It was like $20 a pillow. I just couldn't let her spend that, so I told her I would make her some cute couch pillows. I got the fabric on clearance and the pillows half off. SO for 8 pillows it cost $50 dollars rather than $160!! I would say that is a steal! 

I made one big bow one, two with stripes and 3 buttons across, two with one button and a loop, and a couple of just regular pillows. All removable and washable.

     Don't mind my old hand me down couch. These are going on some super nice dark brown leather couches. I think they will look so great in her living room with all the fun furniture and decorations we picked out over her birthday! 


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Maternity pics

     I got maternity pictures done a couple weeks ago by my amazing sister in law Hanna. Check out her photo blog here. I love the way they turned out. I wasn't going to do maternity pics this time around. I don't really know why, maybe I didn't feel as cute and little, maybe I just didn't feel like it, or because I had some from Sophia that I loved and figured that was good. Then I decided I guess I would love some of Sophia with my belly and it would be really fun to be able to show both kids what I and our family looked like while we waited for them to come. Thankfully Hanna was willing to do them for me and had an amazing eye and got some fabulous shots! I am so glad I decided to get them done. Bonus, a good excuse to buy myself a cute dress!

Such a good, rare family pic of all of us smiling! Good job Hanna!!

This is seriously our life. She cracks me up! 

She hugs my belly all the time! I love it! 

Love these two! She adores daddy! It is to precious!

The pic above and the pic below are my two faves! Sophia is just a doll in them! 

Didn't Hanna do so good?! I am getting more and more excited to see what this little guy looks like! Think he will be a Sophia and Tyler mini me? Or look like me this time? I just can't wait!