Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thrice and Ely

      June has been a busy busy month in this house. Our days have been filled with family. friends, pool trips, road trips, father's day, and Sophia's 2nd Birthday!! Can you believe my little girl is 2? I can't!! It is crazy time flies so fast! Anyway I have some catching up to do. So we will start at the beginning of June. The second weekend in June we had a fun, long weekend planned. It started Thursday with a trip to Salt lake. Tyler and I had tickets to the Thrice's farewell concert. Tyler has been wanting to get me out to one since we  were dating. This was our last chance so we took it. My parents watched Sophia for us and we had a fabulous time.

      We started with dinner at a place in Slat Lake called Bruges Waffles and Frites. Its is a European waffle and french fry house. It is AMAZING! If you ever have a chance to go there DO IT! seriously waffles so yummy, they have like chunks of butter and sugar cooked inside them so it is literally melt in your mouth. Their french fries are so perfectly cooked and they have amazing sauces that aren't even close to being like a fry sauce but are so good! Anyway I could go on (can you tell I am prego?) but it was delicious!

      After dinner we went and got in line for the show. I got quite a few funny looks for being 6 months prego and being at a rock concert! 

     There were 2 opening bands for Thrice and they were the worst opening bands I have ever heard in my life! Not kidding so bad! They let us in the doors at 630 and Thrice didn't even start playing till almost 10. I was done by then ha ha but once thrice came on it was so worth it!! the started with one of my favorite songs and they are amazing performers live! I am so glad Tyler took me to see them because it seriously made me love them! It was well worth the wait. 

     Friday morning we jumped in the car and headed to Ely for the weekend. The annual Fears, Beers, and Tears bike race was the same weekend. We always love going down to Ely. It is nice and relaxing and during the race there is always all kinds of random people there and it is so fun to get to know all the new people that stay at Kent and Saundra's place, and to see the people that come back every year. 

     Tyler was nervous about the race because he hadn't ridden since last years race. He decided to race the beginner loop, which his little brother Seth also decided last minute to race. Seth is 13. The loop is 17 miles. It was pretty impressive! Anyway Tyler was so surprised he took 3rd place! He probably could have taken first but his chain broke the last mile of his time section. He was excited and I was proud of him! Seth didn't even take last he took 11th out of like 15 riders. Kent took first in the expert loop. Which is like a crazy amount of miles, I don't remember but something in the high 30's or 40 miles. Yeah he is pretty awesome.  

    The boys and their trophies.  Anyway our weekend was a blast and Sophia got to spend some quality time with grandma, which she loves! We all went home Sunday exhausted but happy. 


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