Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's A ....

     In case you aren't on my facebook, or I didn't text or call you today we found out baby #2 is a BOY! We are so excited!  Tyler couldn't be more thrilled. I think he secretly thought it was a girl, which he would have been fine with but he is really excited to have a boy. At the appointment he kept curling up in a little ball right under my pelvis bone and didn't want to move. That explains a lot of the pressure I have down there, it must be his favorite place to lay. He also still look a little alienish since I am only 16 1/2 weeks but he was cute and it was fun to see him and it's always comforting hearing his heartbeat. It's like a little reassurance to me every time I hear it.

     Since I have found out this baby is a boy I have been thinking about how this little boy will affect our lives and the lives of everyone else. Not only will he be our first son, he will be the first grandson on the Robertson side, he will be Sophia's little brother and sibling, he will be the first grandson in 8 years on my side, he will make our family very symmetrical mom and daughter, dad and son! I am so excited to meet this little guy! Since this is our last baby it is even more exciting that this little guy is blessing our lives so much, and bonus we got a girl and a boy before we had to quit having kids!

     The crafter in me of course has been going over all the things I get to/want to make now! This list keeps getting longer the more I think about it, blankets, burp cloths, bedding to match Sophia's quilt, curtains, a mobile, some fun onesies, car seat cover, and the list will go on I am sure! Not to mention I want to redo Sophia's room and make it a nursery for a boy and girl, and all the cute boy clothes I need to get now ha ha! I am sure Tyler is seeing dollar signs but no worries this momma knows how to be thrifty, but get ready for baby stuff gallor on this blog because I am sure that is all the projects you will see for a while.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Week by week.

I have seen several different books and cute crafty things where moms do a week by week of their pregnancy. Now normally this involves pictures and cute pages put together in a book. I am not that dedicated but I saw a cute blog today where she just posted it and then saved them all in order and I thought that is simple enough. So I am going to test it out and see how much I actually keep up on it ha ha.

WEEK 1-4: Prayed and hoped for you but didn't know you existed.

WEEK 5: Took a pregnancy test. It came back negative, I was very disappointed and confused.

WEEK 6: Was convinced you were here, took another pregnancy test came back negative again.

WEEK 7: Pregnancy test finally came back positive. Due date late Aug.

WEEK 8: Getting my hopes up that the nausea would be really mild this time around. I was wrong, nausea started full force this week.

WEEK 9: Nausea gets really bad the doctors put me on Zofran. BLAH.

WEEK 10: Had my first doctors appointment. The doctors tried to find your heart beat and couldn't so he pulled out an old ultra sound machine and said you were measuring small. Everything else looked good.

WEEK 11: Had another ultra sound on a new machine, heard your heart beat and your were measuring small. He said I was two and a half weeks behind. I am really only 8 weeks. BOO. This explains why my pregnancy tests came back negative. I took them too early, but I heard your heart beat and you were healthy. We got our first picture of you and the nurse kept calling you a gummy bear, dad thought that was funny! Due date Sept. 10th.

WEEK 9 and 10:(because I got pushed back): More nausea. Your big sister knows something is up and constantly lays her head on my belly, I think she likes to hear you swim in there.

WEEK 11: We had a scare and thought you were coming early.

WEEK 12: The doctor tells me I have a prolapsed cervix but that you are healthy and doing great, which was a big relief! I am put on a 'gravity is not your friend and take it easy regiment' but  we were pretty much doing that already anyway. Thought the nausea was going away, Mom Was WRONG!

WEEK 13: Had my second official doctors appointment, heard your heart beat again. It was nice and strong this time. You are growing the way you should be and momma is hanging in there. We spend the week at grandma Robertson's and she takes good care of us!

WEEK 14-15: Mom has her first emotional break down. Don't worry these happened a lot with big sister, only having one so far is a accomplishment.(Don't let mom watch 'A baby story' while emotional!). Dad came home a surprised mom with an hour massage gift package! That cheered mom up quick! Mom is still sick, hoping to get better quick so I can get my massage!

Cravings/Things I can actually eat thus far: Root Beer, cinnamon toast, ritz crackers, apples, water(lots), otter pops, grapefruit, and frozen bean and cheese burritos.

WEEK 16: Found out you were a boy! We are so excited to add a little boy to our family! Daddy and mom decided your name will Joel Zike Robertson. Mom also felt you moving around this week and you started kicking too. Your big sister loves to say your name, it sounds more like YOL when she says it.

WEEK 17: Mom is still sick but Loving all the movement she is feeling from you! You kick her a lot when she lays on her back. Mom is worried because she is contracting and has had a lot of pain this week.

WEEK 18: Finally half way through this week mom started to feel better! YAY! We got our first boy items for you this week! So many cute things to make and buy. Had another doctors appointment this week, the doctor said preterm labor doesn't usually coincide with a prolapsed cervix. That was a big relief to mom! He also told me pain was going to happen because you are so low, I will have a lot of pressure and stretching a pains. He told me to take it easy. I try but I am not very good at that. Both of your grandmas get mad at me for that ha ha.

WEEK 19: Dad felt you for the first time this week! He loves rubbing my belly now that he can feel you! You tend to be stubborn and stop kicking when he touches my belly. If he is patient he can usually feel you. You got another cousin this week! Baby Addie was born and you two will only be 4 months apart growing up!

Cravings/Things I can actually eat thus far: Root beer, Cinnamon Toast, Authentic Mexican food (no taco bell or junk like that and no more frozen burritos), Ice water!, Curly Fries, Milk and Oreos.
               NOTE: just because I crave these doesn't mean I eat them everyday!

I am 20 weeks today! Lets see what happens the next few weeks! Half way there!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pregnancy Update

     I should have updated this a week or so ago but I just am a little behind on things. I had another doctors appointment about a week after I found out I had a prolapsed cervix. At this appointment the doctor informed me that Typically in this situation they give the woman a Hysterectomy. Apparently when your cervix is this low it  can pull your other organs down, and with time and gravity that can be a bad situation. I am young though and they would really rather not give me the Hysterectomy if we can avoid it. I would be on hormone pills till I am in my 50's. There is talk of doing a half hysterectomy where they would just take out my uterus and leave the ovaries in there. If we did that I would have to go back later in my life and get the rest taken out. There are some other options that don't sound super pleasant, lets just say they involve putting things in and taking things out every day to hold everything up. They told me I could do that for years if I wanted. I really don't want to. Anyway it all just depends on how I heal after the baby is born, and how things go during delivery. Again it's just a waiting game, So we just wait and get in as many prayers as we can before everything goes down.

     On a brighter note I haven't put up any updates about my beautiful daughter in a while. She is getting smarter everyday! It's so fun! My new favorite thing is her animal noises. She can do a cow, cat (my favorite),  horse, dog, pig, and duck. She is starting to count along with me when I count things. She says two, two, four, six(IX), nine(INE), ten(EN). It's adorable! She is also starting to test mom and dad and see how much she can get away with. The bad thing is is she is so funny sometimes Tyler and I can't help but laugh. Then she thinks it's a game. We have really been trying to be better at that! She loves music and loves to dance! She has been getting more creative with her dance moves and it is pretty hilarious. I think she is about ready to start potty training but I just haven't felt well and haven't wanted to try so this summer I think we will really focus on that. I really am blessed to have this girl in my life! Watching her gets me more and more excited for my next one to come! We can't wait to be the parents of two kids! 

PS. I have been taking some pics but I am lucky to get an update posted, just hang in there with me and I will post pics soon.