Saturday, August 31, 2013

California bound!

     So as mentioned in my previous post we have moved to California! Baby Joel had his surgery Tue. August 6th and we took off Friday Aug. 9th. It was one of the craziest weeks of my life! One I wish to never repeat. It all started Thursday. My wonderful sister Tiffany volunteered to come to Cali with us and help us move in and get settled. She took Thursday off work and we headed to Provo to pick up the truck and load it. Well no one from the ward showed up and all our friends were busy with work and such so it was just me and Tiff. Luckily one of our neighbors is a student and had the summer off and he was home to help us. He saved our lives! We started at noon and didn't finish till 7pm. My sister and I were so tired!

     Friday morning we got up bright and early and headed out. It was sad saying buy to my parents, it didn't help that anytime I hugged someone Tiffany started crying ha ha. It was also more bitter sweet because my brother and his wife left the day before for Canada for dental school and my mom was feeling a little overwhelmed with her kids all moving! Also the week before we said goodbye to Tyler's family and to Sara and Collin who moved to Oregon. A lot of moving family! It is crazy!

    We wanted to break up the trip a little for the kids so Friday night we stopped in Logandale NV and stayed with grandpa Bohn for the night. I love that man! He cracks me up and is so good to us! While we were there we went into Vegas and stopped for a visit with some old friends. It was so great to see Chrissy and Gavin and their adorable kids. We then stopped and had dinner with my brother and my dad's side of the family that all lives in Vegas.

     Saturday morning we got up and headed out. From Vegas it was about a 4 hour drive to Cali. When we made it to our place the bishop from our ward had called the missionaries and sent two sets out to help us unload. The got it done in 45 minutes!! Compared to the seven hours it took us to load we were so grateful! We were so ready to get settled in but by Sunday morning we knew we needed to move again.

     Our apartment was a mess. Not in the literal since. The inside was nice and really cute but that was about the only bonus. The water heater was broken, the power cords for internet had been cut, it was literally infested with spiders, and the worst part no one was willing to fix it. The owner was just a flipper who bought the place to fix it up and sell it again so he was just wanting to sell it. He told us to talk to our neighbor downstairs, but he couldn't do anything because he couldn't fork out the money to fix it. The company that rented us the apartment couldn't do anything because they said the owner was now in charge. It all seemed really shady and we didn't feel comfortable living there when no one was taking responsibility for anything but they all wanted the money from it. So we decided to get out and fast. Monday morning we went hunting and by that night had the keys to our new place. Tuesday morning we moved out of the old apartment and into the new one. It was crazy!!

     Tiffany flew home Monday night so it was just Tyler and I to move everything. Tyler decided to  send a shout out to the school and see if anyone would show up. The turn out was amazing!! I couldn't believe so many people were willing to come help us. Complete strangers showed up and worked all day with us to help us move. It was so heart warming and I instantly felt loved by the people at Tyler's school. Jess family lives out here and her mother was a huge help with the kids in all this mess, I know we are going to love it here.

     After our crazy start we are getting settled in. We love our new place and our ward is awesome. The kids are starting to get back into a routine. I have signed Sophia up for some fun classes so hopefully she will start making some friends soon. We miss family and friends but we have been having so much fun exploring Southern California. The next four years are looking up!



Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer Recap

So the last time I posted was Sophia's birthday party, oh so much has happened since then! So let's do a quick recap of the summer!

We had the 4th of July which we spent with my family.

The kids all at the new splash pad by my moms house! Not the best pic but I love it!

The girls at the parade! We didn't even make it through half of it it was so hot we went home. The kids didn't even want to be there. 

Over the 4th of July Briana and Matt were in the musical the Scarlet Pimpernel. I love this musical! I went down for the whole week and did hair for the play. It was a lot of fun! 

Then we had the 24th of July which we spent at my Grandma's.

This is the only pic I took of that day. Sophia with her face painted ha ha. 
My grandma's town always has a big todo and we always go up for it and have a big bbq. 

    Then we went to Ely for a craft fair Tyler's sisters and I have been prepping for since Feb. Ely Art's in the Park was a two day event. It was a lot of hard work but I am really happy with our turn out and how well we did. Our booth was very original and super cute! The hardest part was our need of selling and our want of keeping the cute stuff we made ha ha.

     Then Joel had his second surgery the 6th of August. I did not take any pictures this time. Joel did amazing. When the doctor came out he said there was quite a bit more damage done inside then he was expecting so they had to go back and fix it. He hated the the IV this time but after they took it out he was completely happy. We got home from the hospital and he was crawling and playing right away. It was amazing! I couldn't believe it. For how well he did last time he did even better this time. That baby is one amazing kid!
     4 days after Joel's surgery we moved to California! I will have a nice lengthy post on that next but we are here now and settling in.
    In between all this we had parties, family reunions, several hospital visits for Burns and cuts and surgeries (my kids didn't take it easy on me this summer), lots of packing, several car break downs, visits from Tyler, and more packing.
    It was a CRAZY summer! Not particularly one I want to repeat but I am glad we got as much in as we did I knew it would be the last chance we got to do a lot of these things and I didn't want to leave anything out!