Friday, July 27, 2012

Baby Boy Onesies

     Tyler and I were talking last week and I realized I only have a month and a week to go till this little guy makes his appearance! I literally have like one to two outfits for this guy in every size. Meaning 0-3, 3-6, etc etc. I was like well he at least needs enough to get him through the week ha ha. SO I went on a little shopping spree. Spent some money, but found some really good deals. I am a broke college student wife so shopping spree means like 3 outfits ha ha. Then I decided I needed to get back on my crafty bandwagon and make him the rest of the things I was planning on so that I didn't spend to much money. So baby onesies were first. 

     It was fun doing boy stuff and I forgot how fast these are. They took me two nap times to make 5! I love how most of them turned out. I was nervous about the helicopter but it ended up being really cute. I thought I would really like the guitar but now it's not my favorite. It's funny how you never really know till it's finished.  Tyler likes it though so we kept it. Maybe I'll make him some matching shoes or pants to go with it and I'll like it better. 

Love the way the giraffe turned out. Still trying to decide if I want to put a face on it or not.

     I saw this tutorial on pinterest to do you own screen printing at home. Apparently it looks and works better than just painting right on the t-shirt. So I gave it a try, EPIC FAIL! Ha ha I had a couple of black splotches on the onesie that looked nothing like sunglasses. So I free hand painted the sunglasses on the grey onesie. The mustache onesie I used freezer paper. Worked like a charm! If you have never used freezer paper try it! I love it! This was also my first time using fabric paint rather than acrylic paint, I just wanted to see if it was softer or would last longer. So far I haven't noticed a difference but I also haven't washed them yet. We shall see. 

     I still want to make him a vest and tie one, which I have a onesie for I just need to find some material I like. So Now I have 5 new things he can wear and I only had to buy the paint so total cost 1.50! Score. 



.Chrissy said...

Oh my word!!! I LOVE the helicopter and the glasses one so much!!! Good job!

Kendra said...

These are SO cute! You did such a great job. I am really impressed. When do you want to teach me??? :)

Annelise said...

Kendra Anytime! Maybe I'll make you some for your baby shower! You will just have to wait and see!