Saturday, February 22, 2014


     When Tyler first learned to use the phoropter at school he took us all in to check our eyes. Sophia would not sit still and wouldn't tell us what the pictures were. We thought she was just being a 3yr old. Turns out she actually couldn't see the pics. We took her back about 4 months later and Tyler just threw a quick guess correction up there and she read all they way to a 20/15. So we knew something was up. We took her into the clinic on campus and turns out she reads at a -2.0 on both eye. Poor girl was seeing blurry!

      Glasses it is. She just got them last week and she looks adorable! and so much older! I do not think she looks like a 3 yr old now!

     It was so funny when she first put them on, she kept lowering them down her nose and pulling them back up again. You could see in her face she was like, "Wo. Everything is clear." ha ha. Lucky for us she instantly loved them and Proudly tells everyone Grandpa gave them to me!! Thanks Grandpa! 

    Here are all my attempts to get her to smile in the one picture above ha ha. 

She's Crazy! We love her! 


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Hanna Caldwell said...

Super cute! Yeah she totally looks so grown up in them!