Wednesday, September 28, 2011


     My cousin got married two days after my little sister. He asked my sister to make his wedding cake. My sister asked me to help. SO we ended up spending the two days after my sisters wedding making cakes and decorating it.
      The bride wanted it bright pink and black cake with polka dots and stripes. We topped it with a C for their last name. The cake turned out so cute and everyone loved it! 

     Sorry we didn't take a ton of pics. We had a ton of fun making the cake together! We decided from now on we should make all our cakes together. 

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Girls night!

     On Friday night was the night of the BYU football game. Tyler has tickets so he goes to all the games. Which means Sophia and I were left alone at our place. So I decided it was time to introduce her into the world of a girls night! We started with dinner. It was a special night so Sophia got to eat mac and cheese and an entire jug of chocolate milk! I tried to say a little healthy so I had a lean cuisine pizza and whole grain pringles which Sophia loved!

     But don't you worry we got our sugar fix in because for dessert we had cookies and milk! After dinner Sophia looked like this..

     So it was time for her very first bubble bath!! It was so funny, At first she just kept staring at her hands like what is this? After a little coxing and convincing her everything was all right she loved it! 

     After the bath it was time for comfy pajamas! Sophia in her cute stripes and me in my favorite sweats. 

     Once we in our pajamas it was time for our girly movie! Now those of you who know me Know I  have a unhealthy love for cheesy movies! So of course what we watched was a cheesy movie and it had to have music so Sophia would stay entertained. Here was our choice..

     We loved it! Ha ha I wish I would have snapped some pics of er dancing around to it! It was dang cute! While we watched the movie we of course had to do pedicures. So we painted Sophia's toes red and mine sparkly pink. Sophia loves to get her toes painted. When I paint her toes she sits still and holds her foot in the air for me. It is stinking cute. Here she is getting her toes painted.

      Here is the finished product! 

      We had so much fun just the girls! I know this will become ritual as she continues to grow up, and I hope she still loves spending time with me as a teenager having girls nights! 


Saturday, September 24, 2011

The veil

     The list continues. I promise this is the last of the lists though. There are three things on this list instead of one. These are the last things I was in charge of. I was in charge of Briana's veil, the flower girl dresses, and pedicures the night before the wedding. I am thinking about making the flower girl dresses into a tutorial. I haven't decided yet. You look at the pics and tell me what you  think! 

3: The Veil
4: The flower girl dresses
5: Glitter toes

     The actual making of the veil was so super easy! It only took me like ten minutes. The adding of the jewels was the biggest pain! Now I know why they charge so much for veils ha ha but if you want to save a couple hundred bucks making the veil is the way to go. We did a single layer ivory veil, lined with jewels all the way around. Total cost: $15!! Can you believe that!? They sell veils for like two hundred dollars! We made it for 15! One of her biggest money savers for her wedding! 

     When we were looking for flower girl dresses for the little girls the only ones we could find in the colors were like 30 bucks! I was not going to pay that for a little girl dress. So I was put in charge of making them. We needed two. One for Sophia and one for Layla who was only 3 months old. I bought all the materials for 2 dresses for 16 dollars! Way better than $60 for two dresses. 
     There were some bumps in the road making the dresses. After a few trial and errors and a few frustrated hours the dresses were done and turned out adorable! I took pics to make a tutorial but it wasn't an easy dress to make so I haven't decided if I want to make a tutorial out of it yet. Enjoy the pics though! 

     I love this picture of Sophia and her Tyler! She is always so curious about what we are doing and I love that I captured her learning something from daddy! 
     The last thing I was in charge of is pedicures for all the girls in the bridal party the night before the wedding. I am sad we didn't snap any pics of the actual shin dig but we did make a point to take a pic of our toes at the reception. Normally I would have snapped a few pics but I was elbow deep in foot scrub for a couple of hours. I let the ladies choose what they wanted on their toes. The first lady picked glitter toes and after that everyone wanted them! We all did different colors though, I bet you would never guess which one is the bride! 

      Are you impressed I knew who everyone was by their foot cause I am! I love that Briana chose blue! The whole wedding was a blast and the reception center was beautiful! I am excited to show you some of the cool stuff they had in there! I promise after that post no more wedding stuff. I will move on with my life. Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, September 22, 2011


Okay list of things I was in charge of continued!

2: Flowers

     I made the bouquets and all the boutineres for Briana's wedding. I also made some flower clips for the bridesmaids to wear in their hair. Really it was a pin Briana bought and we super glued them to hair combs so we could slide them in our hair.
     Briana wanted flowers that she wouldn't have to worry about so we did fake flowers for her wedding. Her colors were creme and black with a touch of red. So we brought the red in through the flowers. We did red and creme lilies and red and creme roses.

This is the brides bouquet. It turned out super gorgeous and it looks great in all her pics!

This is the bridesmaid bouquets, I love the fall colors! They turned out super cute!

The white corsages were the mothers, the red one was the groomsmen. The father corsages were just like the groomsmen but had two roses. The grooms was white but had three roses instead of the two. 

These are the flowers we wore in our hair. They were so pretty and doubled as our bridesmaid gifts from Briana. So we all got to take them home! Here are just some fun pics of the flowers being put to good use. 

Sophia so badly wanted to be a bridesmaid! She took that bouquet with her everywhere! I think the flowers turned out pretty great. The best part Briana can keep them as long as she wants because they wont ever die! 


Monday, September 19, 2011

Bridal Shower

     Sorry for the lack of posting this last week. My little sister got married on Thursday so it has been family family family all week long which has been great! We got to see my brother who we don't get to see very often cause he lives out of town, and I have been taking advantage of that! Now the party is over and back to life. 
     So lets start the long list of bridal stuff I was in charge of. Technically I wasn't in charge of it by myself. My mother and sisters helped which was great because Briana invited like 50 people. In advance, sorry for the crappy pics the camera I was using didn't take the best quality pics!

1: The Shower. 
      Last Saturday was her bridal shower, it was kinda last minute so I used some of the same decorations and ideas as the last one I threw but we added some of our own ideas and it turned out great! 

     This was the gift slash party favor holder. I used a little tiny banner and it turned out super cute. The party favor boxes were cute little bags we found at walmart for super cheap. How cute are the giant rings I added to them! The boxes were filled with gumballs in Briana's wedding colors. 

     We rimmed the glasses with sugar and made strawberry daiquiris. Briana invited a ton of people so we had a lot of glasses to rim!

     Briana had a special giant glass that my mother found at the store! How awesome is it! We made her use it all night! She loved it, and drank the entire thing!! 

     Of course lots of yummy food is a must and how cute are the cupcakes with the toppers. B for Briana or Bride. I couldn't decide which to do so I did both, lucky for me the B worked for both ha ha! Notice I added the little banner to the cupcake tier, I think it turned out so cute!

     Briana and her cute friends and my adorable grandma. We took pics of everyone in front of the backdrop for Briana to keep in a little book of advice. 
     A lot was similar to the bachelorette party I threw a few weeks ago but no one from here went to the bachelorette party and what is better than reusing something you already have?!