Saturday, September 24, 2011

The veil

     The list continues. I promise this is the last of the lists though. There are three things on this list instead of one. These are the last things I was in charge of. I was in charge of Briana's veil, the flower girl dresses, and pedicures the night before the wedding. I am thinking about making the flower girl dresses into a tutorial. I haven't decided yet. You look at the pics and tell me what you  think! 

3: The Veil
4: The flower girl dresses
5: Glitter toes

     The actual making of the veil was so super easy! It only took me like ten minutes. The adding of the jewels was the biggest pain! Now I know why they charge so much for veils ha ha but if you want to save a couple hundred bucks making the veil is the way to go. We did a single layer ivory veil, lined with jewels all the way around. Total cost: $15!! Can you believe that!? They sell veils for like two hundred dollars! We made it for 15! One of her biggest money savers for her wedding! 

     When we were looking for flower girl dresses for the little girls the only ones we could find in the colors were like 30 bucks! I was not going to pay that for a little girl dress. So I was put in charge of making them. We needed two. One for Sophia and one for Layla who was only 3 months old. I bought all the materials for 2 dresses for 16 dollars! Way better than $60 for two dresses. 
     There were some bumps in the road making the dresses. After a few trial and errors and a few frustrated hours the dresses were done and turned out adorable! I took pics to make a tutorial but it wasn't an easy dress to make so I haven't decided if I want to make a tutorial out of it yet. Enjoy the pics though! 

     I love this picture of Sophia and her Tyler! She is always so curious about what we are doing and I love that I captured her learning something from daddy! 
     The last thing I was in charge of is pedicures for all the girls in the bridal party the night before the wedding. I am sad we didn't snap any pics of the actual shin dig but we did make a point to take a pic of our toes at the reception. Normally I would have snapped a few pics but I was elbow deep in foot scrub for a couple of hours. I let the ladies choose what they wanted on their toes. The first lady picked glitter toes and after that everyone wanted them! We all did different colors though, I bet you would never guess which one is the bride! 

      Are you impressed I knew who everyone was by their foot cause I am! I love that Briana chose blue! The whole wedding was a blast and the reception center was beautiful! I am excited to show you some of the cool stuff they had in there! I promise after that post no more wedding stuff. I will move on with my life. Thanks for stopping by!


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