Thursday, September 22, 2011


Okay list of things I was in charge of continued!

2: Flowers

     I made the bouquets and all the boutineres for Briana's wedding. I also made some flower clips for the bridesmaids to wear in their hair. Really it was a pin Briana bought and we super glued them to hair combs so we could slide them in our hair.
     Briana wanted flowers that she wouldn't have to worry about so we did fake flowers for her wedding. Her colors were creme and black with a touch of red. So we brought the red in through the flowers. We did red and creme lilies and red and creme roses.

This is the brides bouquet. It turned out super gorgeous and it looks great in all her pics!

This is the bridesmaid bouquets, I love the fall colors! They turned out super cute!

The white corsages were the mothers, the red one was the groomsmen. The father corsages were just like the groomsmen but had two roses. The grooms was white but had three roses instead of the two. 

These are the flowers we wore in our hair. They were so pretty and doubled as our bridesmaid gifts from Briana. So we all got to take them home! Here are just some fun pics of the flowers being put to good use. 

Sophia so badly wanted to be a bridesmaid! She took that bouquet with her everywhere! I think the flowers turned out pretty great. The best part Briana can keep them as long as she wants because they wont ever die! 


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