Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pinterest challenge week two and three.

     So I am quite awful at this weekly challenge but here is a little catch up. Week two I was going to make a scarf with a box as my guide since I didn't know how to crochet. I bought some gorgeous cream chunky yarn. I was so excited about it! Here is the tutorial I used. It's in Portuguese and it's more pics than an actual tutorial but I figured it out. If you have questions email me. It really was so easy to make!

     This project had a few trial and errors. Things I learned, You need a much larger box than you think. I used a small cereal box and next time I will use something much larger, also it takes much more yarn than I thought. I just bought one roll, next time I would probably triple that. The scarf turned out super cute but it was much smaller and thinner than what I wanted and it look really awkward on me because it just wasn't proportionate to me. Luckily I have a little mini me running around my house that loves scarves! I have been wanting to make her a chunky infinity scarf for a while and now she has one and I LOVE IT! It's more fun to dress Sophia than me anyway so here is the final project.

     Week three I did make my graphic art but I haven't printed them out yet so I will save those for next week. I decided to make my shoes. This project was the one I was most nervous about but it turned out exactly like I pictured it and I am in love with this idea now!! Here is the tutorial I followed. Her instructions are clear and easy to follow. This one can be a little time consuming but I felt it was totally worth my time. 

     These are some Vans I bought several years ago that just got trashed really fast but I didn't have the heart to throw them out. I loved the shape and fit of them. When I saw this shoe tutorial pinterest to recover shoes these immediately popped into my head. I have been really wanting some animal print flats for a while now and when I found this fabric for like 3 dollars it was a done deal! 

     In the tutorial I used she used heals and they were a smooth material. My shoes were flats and easier and harder at the same time. The flats made them easier because I didn't have to worry about covering the heals and the transition line between the heal and shoe! They were a little harder because they were a fabric material so I had to be careful with how much modge podge I put on them. If I put to much it soaked through the fabric and left a spot on the shoe. If I put to little it didn't stick. 

     All in all I loved this project and will definetly be doing this with some other old shoes! Check out the finished shoes! 

     I know they look like totally different colors in these pics, sorry for my awful house lighting! Anyway what do you think? You should totally try this one!