Monday, April 30, 2012

Picture Updates

     So this post is a totally random picture post. Sorry, but they were all pics I wanted to post and had I posted them separately they would have made a bunch of random short posts so I put them all in one. Enjoy!    

  Sophia loves her cousin miss Mia. I just couldn't resist stealing this picture off Hanna's blog! Notice Mia isn't even phased, she is just watching her show ha ha.

Mia and Sophia both needed baths after a family dinner at the park, so we had a bath party at our place. The girls were both loving it!! 

My first boy item finished! A cute self binding receiving blanket. It turned out super cute. I am working on more stuff  that I am really excited about so stay tuned! 

Me at 20 weeks. I sure popped out so much faster this time around. I also don't think I am wearing makeup, sorry. People have been asking what my belly looks like though so here ya go. 

I also recently made some Dr. Suess, Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes for miss Mia's first birthday party. They turned out super cute! 

     Have a great day! 


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Park City

     Last Wednesday Sophia and I were both going stir crazy after being trapped in the house for a couple of days. Tyler got off work early so we decided to go on a family outing. We had some gift cards to city deals so we used one to buy a gift card to a restaurant in park city. Park City is about an hour from Provo. We drove up there and had dinner. The drive was really fun, Tyler loves it because it has a lot of twist and turns and different things to look at. Sophia even enjoyed it ad kept pointing out things she saw out the window. The food was pretty good, all in all we had a good time.  

     Funny story about this family pic. This old man who could barely walk came over to us in the restaurant and asked if we had a camera. I said yes, quite hesitantly, he asked us if we would like a family photo? We said sure, he took one said "There now you have a nice family picture" and proceeded to walk away. Ha ha it was so random and funny. The picture did turn out quite nice though. Was it that obvious we were't from Park City? ha ha 

     Sophia got a hold of my camera and took like 50 pics, this was the one with the most face on it!

     The restaurant was actually in downtown Park City not over by the outlets. I had never actually been downtown. We walked around the million dollar houses after dinner and then headed home. It was a fun family outing! 


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pictures Finally! and Easter

     This last weekend we spent up at my parents house for Easter. It was so nice and relaxing! I of course forgot my camera and am kicking myself because Sophia was so stinking cute! She absolutely loved the easter egg hunt, but I am getting ahead of myself. We started the weekend off Saturday morning going to Shelby's work and taking part in a community egg hunt and breakfast. Little Tyler(my nephew, Shelby's son, we call him that to not get confused with big Tyler my hubby!) scored on the egg hunt. We also took pictures with the easter bunny. Sophia didn't cry she just looked at him like what is going on. It was pretty funny!

     Saturday after the hunt the girls all went to the new city creek center for Briana's birthday while the boys went on a motorcycle ride. It was a lot of fun, insanely crowded but a lot of fun! We didn't make it to all the stores, mostly because I really started to hurt after 3 hours of walking around, it helped that every store we went into was HUGE and any line we waited in was forever long but we will be back I am sure! Saturday night I helped a dear friend out and did her hair and spent some much needed time catching up with her and one of my other favorite people in the world! We always end up staying out till all hours of the night and it is always a good time!

     Sunday we went to church and had some fun outside. The weather was beautiful so we had the egg hunt outside and inside. Sophia was so stinking cute! I wish I would have recorded the entire thing because it was adorable! I showed her once what to do then she took off and loved it. She got so many eggs and candy it will last us a long time. The easter bunny(my mother) even got little baby boy a basket and it was full of adorable boy clothes! I loved it! We are starting from scratch again in the clothes department so it helped a lot! Then my grandparents came down from Logan and we had a fabulous dinner and visited with my brother on the phone. All in all the weekend was fabulous and we all had a blast! Now some picture updates of my adorable daughter.

The gorgeous flowers Tyler got me to help me feel better! 

See where Sophia gets her hair from?! My favorite people with their froed out hair!

One day Sophia found a pin and decided to unzip her pjs and draw all over her belly. It was pretty funny!

One of Sophia's favorite games to play with dad is wear his hat and hide in it till dad finds her. 

Shelby got the girls these easter hats and Sophia's is really tight on her head it kinda makes her look like she has a mullet but she loves to wear it! It's pretty funny!

Another new favorite of Sophia's is to wear my clothes! ha ha Sometimes we have to get creative to get them to stay on her.

My child never does this, but she fell asleep on the couch all by herself. It was so rare I had to snap a pic! 

The one crafty thing I have done lately is spruce up this pair of boy flip flops I bought Sophia with some lace.

OOH AAH! ha ha She kept pointing at them saying pretty! ha ha I love the way they turned out and they were so simple. Anyway sorry this post got crazy long! Enjoy!