Thursday, August 30, 2012

Baby boy 38 weeks

Warning Novel length post!

Alright where to start? Sunday I woke up with a headache I couldn't get rid of. Monday rolls around headache still here and to top it all off serious nausea and feeling in general icky. After Tyler got home around 2pm I decided I better call the doctor, I was feeling a lot like I did the morning I had Sophia. I went into the office and my blood pressure was through the roof. they immediately sent me to the hospital to be monitored.

This happened twice with Sophia before they induced me so I thought I knew what was going to happen but this time it was so much worse. They put in an IV because they figured if they kept me there then it would already be in. I hate needles and IVs are worse than regular needles. They took my blood and it made me really dizzy and nauseous. Once that passed they just let me relax in bed and watched the monitor. Of course just like Sophia my blood pressure started to go down as soon as we got to the hospital. They decided to send me home, but before that they wanted to give me a drug for my headache. It was called Fendral or something like that with an F. Oh man it made the whole room spin and made me super sick. Once I got the vomiting under control and got dressed Tyler took me home. I was so sick and super nauseous the rest of the night and into Tuesday morning.

Tuesday was my regular weekly appointment. It was at 9 and I was still sick and tired from the night before. When I finally got into the office I was on the verge of a mental breakdown. Seriously holding back the tears and not well ha ha. The poor old doctor could tell I had just had it. I think he wanted to induce me that day but they don't like to before 39 weeks if they can help it. He wanted to strip my membrane to try to induce labor and I told him no because they did that twice with Sophia and nothing happened except me in extreme pain and wanting to vomit. (notice vomiting is associated a lot with my pregnancies ha ha). Anyway he told me to go back to the hospital Thursday to be monitored again. If my blood pressure was high I would have the baby today if not they will induce me Monday.

Obviously since I am writing this post I am not having a baby today. We had an AFI ultrasound which measures the fluid around the baby. Normal. Then they monitored my blood pressure and the baby for 40 minutes. Normal. So we got sent home. This time was much more pleasant that last time. They didn't poke me with any needles or give me any drugs and I just got to lay and relax for an hour. Then they told me the plan for Monday.

I am supposed to go in Monday night at 8pm and get a prep gel put on my cervix. Then I go home. Then I come back at 1am get more put on my cervix. Then go home. then come back a 5am and get induced. Boo. Doesn't that sound miserable? I am going to be so tired! Don't just feel bad for me though my poor sis in law Sara volunteered to watch Sophia which means she will also be getting up coming to my place at 430am. Feel bad for her too. She is too good to us! Oh while I am at it a big shout out thanks to Sara and my other sis in law Jess who took Sophia for us multiple times this week while we were running from hospital to doctors to hospital!

So if all goes according to plans baby boy will be here Tuesday morning! I am really excited to finally have him here! I have been looking at pics of Sophia all day today from when she was a little baby and I can't wait to hold this little guy!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Baby boy 37 weeks

     I had another appointment today. It seems this little baby likes to play with us. I went in today and my blood pressure was back to normal. I was only dialated to a 1, and getting checked was way more painful than I remembered. Although after he checked me I was contracting like crazy for about an hour. I told Tyler I just need him to do that a couple more times and this baby will be here in no time! My group b strep test did come back positive but the doctor said since baby is behaving he wanted to wait it out another week and see how things progress. I gotta say I was kinda bummed ha ha. Don't get me wrong I am glad baby boy is behaving but I was getting excited to meet him early. Which we still might, but not for at least another week or two.

     On the plus side I lost a pound this week, instead of gaining any weight. I thought it was weird but the doctor wasn't worried about it. Most likely it is from all my laying down and losing some of the swelling water I had last week. It was only a pound not a major amount of weight so that's good. Less weight I have to lose after the baby comes right?! Tyler keeps telling me he has gained more weight this pregnancy than I have ha ha. It doesn't help that all I want is french fries and dessert so Tyler eats junk to. I told him not to worry I will kick his butt back into shape after the baby comes!!

     There is my short update for now. We will see what next week brings!


Friday, August 17, 2012

baby boy 36 weeks

     That's right I hit the 36 week mark!  4 weeks to go, actually 3 but that's beside the point. How am I feeling? I get that question 3 or 4 times a day. I never know how honest to be. I usually go with, I am hanging in there. How I really feel, I am unbelievably uncomfortable!! I was not this uncomfortable with Sophia. I am told it's because of my other issues, since things aren't where they should be it is putting much more pressure on my body. Which makes it uncomfortable to walk, sit, lay, sleep (what's that?), eat, pretty much anything. I also feel like a giant sweat ball! ha ha it's the truth though. I am hot all the time and so swollen my ankles have stretch marks! That's right, you read that correctly, I have stretch marks on my ankles from swelling! It is kind of ridiculus but what can you do?

     Don't get me wrong I am grateful to be prego and to have made it to this point. Besides the constant uncomfortable feelings, I really try to enjoy this part of my pregnancy. I still love feeling the baby move inside me, even when he jabs me extra hard. I love watching my belly make weird shapes. I love when Tyler sits there and rubs my belly and feels the baby moving. I love when Sophia gets tired and comes and lays her head on my prego belly and baby boy gives her a swift kick ha ha. I really actually like the way I look with my round belly. Sure I have my days where I feel like a heffer but for the most part I really feel pretty when I am prego. There is something so amazing and sometimes weird about the way a woman's body holds a baby.

     Anyway on to my appointment. The doctor was wanting to check dialation this week but when I went in my blood pressure was really high. So he decided to take a bunch of tests instead. He did some blood tests and my group b strep test and some other test, I will spare you the details. He is waiting for all the results and then at my appointment this Tuesday he will check dialation and compare that and test results make a plan for when this baby is coming. Most likely I will be induced a week early. Which means this baby could be here in as little as 17 days!! YAY!

     Since my blood pressure is high the doctor keeps telling me to do less and less. I was already on a take it easy regiment, gravity is not your friend. Then he told me I needed to be laying down and having my feet up at night. Now he told me to lay down during the day while Sophia naps. SO really what am I supposed to do but lay down? ha ha. He knows I have a 2 year old and I think he is trying to put off bed rest as long as possible which I appreciate but lets be honest I am pretty much on it. Tyler has been great at doing stuff around the house for me since I am not supposed to do much. I also have not been feeling well since my blood pressure is up, so Tyler has been a big help.

     I have been trying to finish up baby boy projects but my energy is an all time low so we will see. I did finish a couple more blankets but I don't have pics. I did make these 2 cute onesies for my cousin Kendra's little girl that is due 4 weeks after baby boy.

     I was going to make little matching shoes but I didn't start these till the night before her shower SO that didn't happen. She loved them and that's all that matters. 

     In other news Tyler has officially turned in his Optometry applications! Now we just wait. I am so excited for him. He got a letter in the mail yesterday from one of the schools. It was just an admissions office letter letting him know about the school but the admissions director personally wrote on it "great OAT score" which made Tyler feel really good about his applications! So cross your fingers for us!