Thursday, August 30, 2012

Baby boy 38 weeks

Warning Novel length post!

Alright where to start? Sunday I woke up with a headache I couldn't get rid of. Monday rolls around headache still here and to top it all off serious nausea and feeling in general icky. After Tyler got home around 2pm I decided I better call the doctor, I was feeling a lot like I did the morning I had Sophia. I went into the office and my blood pressure was through the roof. they immediately sent me to the hospital to be monitored.

This happened twice with Sophia before they induced me so I thought I knew what was going to happen but this time it was so much worse. They put in an IV because they figured if they kept me there then it would already be in. I hate needles and IVs are worse than regular needles. They took my blood and it made me really dizzy and nauseous. Once that passed they just let me relax in bed and watched the monitor. Of course just like Sophia my blood pressure started to go down as soon as we got to the hospital. They decided to send me home, but before that they wanted to give me a drug for my headache. It was called Fendral or something like that with an F. Oh man it made the whole room spin and made me super sick. Once I got the vomiting under control and got dressed Tyler took me home. I was so sick and super nauseous the rest of the night and into Tuesday morning.

Tuesday was my regular weekly appointment. It was at 9 and I was still sick and tired from the night before. When I finally got into the office I was on the verge of a mental breakdown. Seriously holding back the tears and not well ha ha. The poor old doctor could tell I had just had it. I think he wanted to induce me that day but they don't like to before 39 weeks if they can help it. He wanted to strip my membrane to try to induce labor and I told him no because they did that twice with Sophia and nothing happened except me in extreme pain and wanting to vomit. (notice vomiting is associated a lot with my pregnancies ha ha). Anyway he told me to go back to the hospital Thursday to be monitored again. If my blood pressure was high I would have the baby today if not they will induce me Monday.

Obviously since I am writing this post I am not having a baby today. We had an AFI ultrasound which measures the fluid around the baby. Normal. Then they monitored my blood pressure and the baby for 40 minutes. Normal. So we got sent home. This time was much more pleasant that last time. They didn't poke me with any needles or give me any drugs and I just got to lay and relax for an hour. Then they told me the plan for Monday.

I am supposed to go in Monday night at 8pm and get a prep gel put on my cervix. Then I go home. Then I come back at 1am get more put on my cervix. Then go home. then come back a 5am and get induced. Boo. Doesn't that sound miserable? I am going to be so tired! Don't just feel bad for me though my poor sis in law Sara volunteered to watch Sophia which means she will also be getting up coming to my place at 430am. Feel bad for her too. She is too good to us! Oh while I am at it a big shout out thanks to Sara and my other sis in law Jess who took Sophia for us multiple times this week while we were running from hospital to doctors to hospital!

So if all goes according to plans baby boy will be here Tuesday morning! I am really excited to finally have him here! I have been looking at pics of Sophia all day today from when she was a little baby and I can't wait to hold this little guy!



.Chrissy said...

I feel tired empathy for you!!! Oh man, I am so sorry you are so miserable! I really hope the labor goes well! We miss you guys!!! We are excited to see pictures of that lucky little boy! Love you

Lee-Ruth-Clark-Cal-Shanna-Haley-Elden said...

Ekk! Sounds crazy! I am so glad you have great people there to help you, like Sara! I am so excited that he will be born Monday! YAY!!!

Kendra said...

Sheesh Annelise! That sounds so miserable and while you have an end in sight, your induction sounds like it will be exhausting! Why do they do that? Seriously? Why make Moms so much more tired when you're about to go into labor and have a baby that doesn't allow you to sleep?! And that's so good of Sara to help you out. I sure hope things go well for you and you're able to get some rest (sans nausea and vomiting) this weekend!!!