Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Baby boy 37 weeks

     I had another appointment today. It seems this little baby likes to play with us. I went in today and my blood pressure was back to normal. I was only dialated to a 1, and getting checked was way more painful than I remembered. Although after he checked me I was contracting like crazy for about an hour. I told Tyler I just need him to do that a couple more times and this baby will be here in no time! My group b strep test did come back positive but the doctor said since baby is behaving he wanted to wait it out another week and see how things progress. I gotta say I was kinda bummed ha ha. Don't get me wrong I am glad baby boy is behaving but I was getting excited to meet him early. Which we still might, but not for at least another week or two.

     On the plus side I lost a pound this week, instead of gaining any weight. I thought it was weird but the doctor wasn't worried about it. Most likely it is from all my laying down and losing some of the swelling water I had last week. It was only a pound not a major amount of weight so that's good. Less weight I have to lose after the baby comes right?! Tyler keeps telling me he has gained more weight this pregnancy than I have ha ha. It doesn't help that all I want is french fries and dessert so Tyler eats junk to. I told him not to worry I will kick his butt back into shape after the baby comes!!

     There is my short update for now. We will see what next week brings!


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Lee-Ruth-Clark-Cal-Shanna-Haley-Elden said...

I love that Tyler said he's gained more weight this pregnancy...so funny! Glad the little guy is doing well. You're almost done! YAY!