Monday, October 17, 2011

Road Trip

     About a week ago we decided to go on a road trip to visit Grandpa Bohn. Grandpa Bohn is my husband's grandpa and Sophia's great grandpa. We have been trying all summer to get out there and see him. He is one hilarious man! So we took a girl's road trip. It consisted of me and Sophia, my mother in law, my sister in law Sara, my sister in law Hanna and her baby Mia. We started Thursday morning, Sara was already in St. George for a school activity, so my mother in law, Hanna, Mia, myself, and Sophia all piled into the car and headed for St. George. 

      The car had a nice big built in TV for Sophia to watch a movie, the problem was it was a new car and none of us could figure out how to make the noise come through the speakers. We had some wireless headphones but they were huge and tricky to keep on Sophia's head. She would only put up with it for a few minutes. It was so hilarious to watch her, even Mia took a turn with the headphones! 

     When we got to St. George we picked up Sara and visited aunt Milly for a bit. We went out to dinner and had a short visit. It was good to catch up with aunt Milly She really is an amazingly sweet lady! I am sad we didn't think to snap a pic of us at dinner. Grandpa Bohn lives in Logandale which is about an hour from St. George. So we jumped back in the car (a very full car might I add) and drove the last hour to grandpa's house. 

     Grandpa's house was a blast. Grandma Bohn passed away in April and everywhere we looked in grandpa's house we saw grandma so we decide to have a grandma Bohn party Friday! It was so much fun! We spent the afternoon baking cookies and getting ready for our party!

     We had Chocolate pillow cookies and Chocolate cookies with marsh mellows (That's what they are really called I checked). We of course had to have Grandma's specialty dinner, Schwann's frozen dinners! ha ha. We chose lasagna, we figured it was the safest choice. Then we ate cookies to our hearts content! Grandma loved fun shaped dishes, she used them for everything. So we found a fun fish dish and a duck dish to put our cookies in! How cute are they?!

     It of course wouldn't be a grandma party without a puzzle! Grandma did puzzles all the time! Every time we went out there we did a puzzle with her. It was so fun to sit and visit with her. She would tell me stories of her life and marriage, puzzles was how I got to know this amazing lady! We stayed up late watched a movie, cuddled in grandma's blankets, and finished the puzzle. It was so fun, and record time! I think grandma would've been proud! 

     Saturday afternoon it was time to go. It was sad to leave Grandpa there but I am really happy we finally made it out to see him! I snapped this pic of Sophia swinging on the swing with grandpa and it was so precious! She loves to swing. I am glad I got a couple of pics with Sophia and grandpa, one thing I regret is not getting one of Sophia and grandma while she was here. 

     After our goodbyes we jumped in the car and headed to Ely. A three and a half hour drive from Logandale. We spent the night at my In Laws. Then Sunday we jumped in the car and drove back to Provo another three and a half hour drive. All in all we drove thirteen hours in four days with two babies. Crazy! I know but they did surprisingly well. we had one real good breakdown on our way back to Provo but considering that was the only one I call it a success.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sweater Dress Tutorial

     I really wanted to get Sophia a sweater dress for this winter but they were a little out of my price range. My sister was giving away some clothes to the D.I. and I found this sweater in the bag . It fit me weird but I new it would be perfect for a dress for Sophia! This tutorial is pretty simple just make sure you line your sweater up really well! 

     Turn your sweater inside out. Line up a dress that fits your kid or is the size you want the dress to be with the sweater. Be careful not to move the your sweater or it will come out crooked. Also, line up the neck line really well so it fits over the head of your kid! Pin along the outside of your dress from the armpit down, and from the shoulder the neck opening like this.

     Sew along the pin line, up the dress and from the shoulder line to the neck line. You can cut the excess off first if you want, I didn't because sweater material unravels really easily. So I sewed it first then cut it. Then iron the seam down! This will help the dress lay flatter and look better when it hangs. 

     Next do the hem. I really didn't want to actually hem it so I took the existing hem on the sweater and attached it to the bottom. So it looks finished but i didn't have to wrestle with the sweater material to work. I folded up the bottom of sweater to the edge of the line I just sewed. Like this..

     Now you have options, you can leave the fold on and sew around the hem so you don't have to worry about unraveling (top pic). Or you can cut the hem off before and pin it around around the bottom of your dress like the second picture. I did the first picture. Then Iron! This is about what it should look like.

      Next, the sleeves. Get the sleeves from your sweater and lay them inside out. Line the sleeves from a shirt or the dress you were using as a guide. Pin up the the side of the sleeves, make sure you mark where the shoulder and the armpit of the sleeve are so you know where to cut. Also I made sure to line the ends up so I wouldn't have to hem the sleeves! Like this..

     Can you see the little tiny pins where the armpit and the shoulder are? Sew along your pin line then cut off excess. Iron. Cut the angle from shoulder to armpit on the sleeve, also cut the same angle from the shoulder to the armpit on the dress. Then pin the right side of your sleeve to the right side of your dress. This might take some tweaking, be patient and do your best. It should look something like this..

     Iron down really well Turn your dress inside out and your are done!! Sophia's is a little big cause I wanted it to fit her all winter and it wasn't cold yet so I made it a little large. When it gets colder I think it will be perfect! 

     This dress cost me nothing to make. Exactly the kind of baby clothes I love! Enjoy your sweater dress. Hope this tutorial makes sense, email me with any questions. Thanks!



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Monday, October 10, 2011

Cupcake Party

       Growing up my mom would through us all these crazy themed parties and they were always so much fun! I remember always loving them and my friends thought they were great! I was so excited to start this with Sophia, plus I made all the stuff myself so this party was made on a dime. My Daughter turned one back in June but I just found the pictures of the party! It was Sophia's first birthday so I got to choose the theme. She isn't really into anything yet being only one so I went for something kind of general like cupcakes! 

     I started with the designing the invites then decorated everything around those. 

     Since it was a cupcake partie we of course had to have a ton of them. We had mini, regular and a giant cupcake cake!

     The cake I decorated to look like a real cupcake, so I used half fondant half frosting. It was all Sophia's to smash up! Don't worry she didn't even get close to eating all of it. 

     I thought it would be a cute idea for everyone to see how Sophia has changed in the last year. So I dug out a pic or two from every month and hung them in order with tags. It was crazy comparing her new born pic to her year pics! Kids change so fast!

     Since most the guest were adults the party favors were chocolate dipped strawberries. All the guests were also family so I added a pic of Sophia in every bag so everyone could take one home!

     I am so glad I found all these old school soda bottles. Wrapping them all in banners made them so cute! 

     I also made her little birthday outfit to match the cupcake theme! It was so cute and matched pretty dang close to all the other cupcakes.

     I am so glad Hanna snapped this pic of my grandpa (Sophia's great grandpa) feeding her watermelon! How cute it is!

      The birthday girl enjoying her cake! She got down and dirty but it came out of the onesie quite easily! 

     All in all the party was a blast. Pretty simple and low key, just food and visiting which is what we wanted. I can't believe how fast my baby is growing up but I am loving every minute of it! I feel like it needs to slow down just a little though.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Customers

     Here are some pics of some more custom onesies I made for a friend. They turned out so cute! I am in love I might have to make some for Sophia.

     My adorable niece Layla was my model for the onesies. They were size 0-3 so there was no way Sophia was fitting into them! Layla makes so many different cute faces it was cracking me up. 

This purple ruffle onesie is my favorite I think. It is just so adorable I really think I might make Sophia one. Layla loves to grab her feet so we were having a hard time getting her to get her chin out of our way ha ha but the pics turned out pretty good.

     The little girls name is Gabrielle so that's what we did the big G for. I really think this is a cute idea, I love the fabric combo.

    First of all look at that adorable face my niece is making! ha ha Second of all I love the rosette idea I might have some fun spin off ideas rolling around in my head that I am going to play with. I know Lucy is going to love these! I can't wait for her to see them.