Monday, October 17, 2011

Road Trip

     About a week ago we decided to go on a road trip to visit Grandpa Bohn. Grandpa Bohn is my husband's grandpa and Sophia's great grandpa. We have been trying all summer to get out there and see him. He is one hilarious man! So we took a girl's road trip. It consisted of me and Sophia, my mother in law, my sister in law Sara, my sister in law Hanna and her baby Mia. We started Thursday morning, Sara was already in St. George for a school activity, so my mother in law, Hanna, Mia, myself, and Sophia all piled into the car and headed for St. George. 

      The car had a nice big built in TV for Sophia to watch a movie, the problem was it was a new car and none of us could figure out how to make the noise come through the speakers. We had some wireless headphones but they were huge and tricky to keep on Sophia's head. She would only put up with it for a few minutes. It was so hilarious to watch her, even Mia took a turn with the headphones! 

     When we got to St. George we picked up Sara and visited aunt Milly for a bit. We went out to dinner and had a short visit. It was good to catch up with aunt Milly She really is an amazingly sweet lady! I am sad we didn't think to snap a pic of us at dinner. Grandpa Bohn lives in Logandale which is about an hour from St. George. So we jumped back in the car (a very full car might I add) and drove the last hour to grandpa's house. 

     Grandpa's house was a blast. Grandma Bohn passed away in April and everywhere we looked in grandpa's house we saw grandma so we decide to have a grandma Bohn party Friday! It was so much fun! We spent the afternoon baking cookies and getting ready for our party!

     We had Chocolate pillow cookies and Chocolate cookies with marsh mellows (That's what they are really called I checked). We of course had to have Grandma's specialty dinner, Schwann's frozen dinners! ha ha. We chose lasagna, we figured it was the safest choice. Then we ate cookies to our hearts content! Grandma loved fun shaped dishes, she used them for everything. So we found a fun fish dish and a duck dish to put our cookies in! How cute are they?!

     It of course wouldn't be a grandma party without a puzzle! Grandma did puzzles all the time! Every time we went out there we did a puzzle with her. It was so fun to sit and visit with her. She would tell me stories of her life and marriage, puzzles was how I got to know this amazing lady! We stayed up late watched a movie, cuddled in grandma's blankets, and finished the puzzle. It was so fun, and record time! I think grandma would've been proud! 

     Saturday afternoon it was time to go. It was sad to leave Grandpa there but I am really happy we finally made it out to see him! I snapped this pic of Sophia swinging on the swing with grandpa and it was so precious! She loves to swing. I am glad I got a couple of pics with Sophia and grandpa, one thing I regret is not getting one of Sophia and grandma while she was here. 

     After our goodbyes we jumped in the car and headed to Ely. A three and a half hour drive from Logandale. We spent the night at my In Laws. Then Sunday we jumped in the car and drove back to Provo another three and a half hour drive. All in all we drove thirteen hours in four days with two babies. Crazy! I know but they did surprisingly well. we had one real good breakdown on our way back to Provo but considering that was the only one I call it a success.


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