Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

     Happy Halloween! I hope everyone had a great Halloween or as my husband would say happy Nevada Day. Nevada's state day is October 31st so my husband insists on that holiday first and Halloween second. He is kinda a goon that way but I don't mind.

     Well our Halloween was pretty low key but a lot of fun! It started like this..

       Sophia is in this new phase where when she wakes up she has to have everything that was on her bed with her. It is really cute! So we started the day lazy as I did the final touches on her Halloween costume. Then we spent most of the afternoon shopping. I am lucky I have a girly girl cause she loves to shop with me. We spent the afternoon going to stores looking for shoes for our family pics on Wednesday. We finally found Sophia and Tyler shoes at the very last store we went to. I think it will pull all the outfits together I really hope the pics turn out! 

      Then we made dinner. For our Halloween dinner I found these amazing huge mushrooms! 

      So we had stuffed mushrooms. Oh yum! They were the best stuffed mushrooms ever. I don't even typically like mushrooms, but I love them stuffed! The recipe is so simple and I got a little creative and added some flavors of my own and they turned out so great, even Sophia liked them.

      With all the Halloween parties going on this week I had to make desserts for 3 different ones. I was wanting to make pumpkin cupcakes. It was my first try and they turned out so yummy! I made some fun cupcake liners to go around them in fall colors, they were gorgeous when I was done. So we enjoyed cupcakes for dessert. 

     Then came the fun part. Dressing up Sophia!! I decide with her red hair she would make the perfect little Pebbles for Halloween. So I googled some pics and came up with my own pattern to make her costume. In a lot of the pics Pebbles had a pet turtle and we had a little stuffed turtle that was perfect for her to carry around with her! 

     She was being the perfect little poser! I hope she is this good for our pics tomorrow! The night ended with all of us snuggling on the couch eating cupcakes and watching a movie. Sophia's hair was so goofy looking after we took it out. She looked like a who from Whoville so we snapped this silly pic.

     Look at that face! ha ha She is so goofy! I  Love her. I hope everyone had a great Halloween/Nevada Day! Stay tuned for family pics coming up in a few days, I hope they turn out good, wish us luck! 



Cardiganwearer said...

In his defense, October 31st has been Nevada day longer than it has been Halloween. Also, we found out that Seth has no idea who the Flinstones are. These pictures are too cute.

Annelise said...

Thanks! You are right about Nevada day. I found that any kid under like 16 had never heard of the Flintstones!