Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Picture Frame Quick Fix

     Having a little girl who likes to get into stuff can make things complicated sometimes. She has taken to love a picture frame that I keep on a side table in my living room. It's super cute a has rhinestones all over it. First she decided to rip the front of the frame off but it could always snap back in. Then this happened.

     She snapped the frame right in half. So I pick out all the jewels and saved them for later things and threw the outside of the frame away. The glass and everything was till in tact. So the frame was looking like this..

      I wanted a quick fix. Something I could just do till I bought a new frame or did a more permanent fix on this one. i have been seeing those organic bloom frames everywhere and I was inspired. I love these frames and someday I will own one of my own or make one. But Like I said I just wanted something quick. So I took this...

   And came up with this... 

     What do you think? When you are just standing next to it your really can't tell its cardboard, in the picture you can kinda see that it is. That is just because I had to get real close to snap the pic. I know red kinda clashes with that pumpkin but it matches the rest of my living room  great, when it's not decorated for holidays. 

     Someday when I own a table saw or know someone who does I am going to make this permanent cause I love the way it looks! It would be super easy to do with some chip board or something, but for now since the frame was bare, this works for me. 



The Doodler said...

I love that you made that out of cardboard, I would never have been able to tell! It's fantastic!

I'm really glad you are enjoying the LDS printables. Your sweet comment made my day, thanks so much!

Brie from darlingdoodles.blogspot.com

Annelise said...

Thank you so much! and thanks for becoming a follower! I really appreciate it!