Monday, November 28, 2011


     I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We sure did, but I of course forgot to take pics of it at all. We ate tons of food, Hung out with all of my family, stayed the weekend at my moms, set up Christmas decorations, went shopping, played games, and had our first eggnog of the season. All around it was a fun weekend break! 

     We did go black Friday shopping, it actually started Thursday night this year at ten pm. It was insane of course, but we got some really good stuff and saved tons of money! We love going every year. I have to say though I really hope they just change it back to early morning Friday. I like it much better than all night Thursday night. 

     We did set up our Christmas tree the next day. I figured Sophia would be all over the ornaments, but she has surprisingly not been. She does like to go up and touch them but she leaves them on the tree. I even have presents under it and she hasn't even touched them at all. 

     We did green and silver with giant green sparkly snowflakes, which I love! I also used all plastic balls so even if Sophia does start to grab them off the tree they won't break. Which is nice not to have to worry about. 

     We also stopped by the annual lighting festival at the Riverwoods in Provo. They had tons of fun activities for kids and they had Santa. I only took this one picture because my Camera is crappy and in the dark nothing showed up good. It was a lot of fun though they had face painting, balloon animals, free carriage rides, a bell choir, Santa Clause, and they were giving out all kinds of free yummy treats! It was a lot of fun and Sophia and dad had to try out all the motorcycles out on display. 

     The only down part to our whole weekend was Sophia caught a cold. Probably from on of the many cousins she was around all weekend. So this week we will spend lots of time cuddling in our sweats and recovering from her cold. That's the best part of having a sick baby at home.



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Lee-Ruth-Clark-Cal-Shanna-Haley-Elden said...

I didn't know you had a blog! So fun! Glad you had a fun Thanksgiving weekend. I love being together with family during the holidays. I hope Sophia is feeling better now! Your quiet books are amazing! Great job!