Sunday, January 15, 2012

Silly Baby

     Sophia has one of the goofiest personalities I have ever seen on a baby. I wish I could keep  a camera on her all the time so I could show everyone how funny she is. Seriously though I rarely have a dull moment with her around. I love it! Needless to say this is going to be a picture post.

      I know I already showed you the pictures of Sophia with the news paper but I took like five photos so here are a couple others.

Sophia has these PJs that have a hood and are a little small. I put them on her the other night and put the hood on and she gave me this scowl ha ha. Then i started laughing and she went and looked in the mirror and cracked up! It was so funny! She new she looked ridiculus!

She likes to stand on her head and walk around on her hands and feet like the kid off the jungle book.

At grandma Robertson's house over Christmas break Sophia found this old old polaroid camera that she kept trying to take pics with. it was really cute!

Trying to wear dads coat. Ha ha it was way huge. His coats are bigger than me, let alone Sophia!

We went to the car show this weekend and Sophia was getting sick of riding in the stroller. We were letting her hold our hands but she drops to the ground dead weight when she wants to walk  on her own. The only problem is she just runs away. So we just dragged her backwards around so she could see what was going on. Ha ha She loved it. She was laughing the whole time and kept making us do it.

AND my absolute favorite I straightened Sophia's hair! Normally her hair is curly and unruly! I straightened it and couldn't believe how long it was! She looked like a totally different person. She kept looking in the mirror and rubbing her head like it was so soft and straight ha ha! It was cute!

Crazy HUH? Tyler and I both just kept looking at her! ha ha These pictures aren't even half of the goofy things she does all the time! I just love her hilarious self. Anyway thanks for letting me brag about my hilarious child! Have a great day.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Gift Giving

     Does anyone else feel like every year your Christmas gift list gets longer? Just me? Well this Christmas we were pretty strapped for cash so I made almost every gift I gave! I really saved a lot if money and enjoyed doing. The only problem was I need to decide next year before November 30th what I am going to make everyone!

     I made this rag blanket and matching burp clothes for my sister in law Sara. She is due with a baby girl in April!

     I also made this magnetic recipe holder for Sara and Collin. This turned out so cute I want to make myself one.

     This t-shirt quilt was my gift to Tyler. When we got married he literally had hundreds of T-shirts, it was pretty ridiculus. So I took some of my old ones and a bunch of his old ones and made them into a quilt. He loved it! It ended up being huge. It as like a queen size quilt by the time I was done with it. It's really fun to look at remember all the memories that came with each T-shirt.

     This robe was for my dear friend Shari. She asked me to find her a cute one that she could wear around the house but I couldn't find one anywhere so I made her one instead. She loved it and so do I. 

     Sophia's big gift from mom and dad was this baby doll crib. This crib was mine when I was a little girl. It used to have some old teddy bear wall paper on it and some painted hearts all over it. It need a makeover. SO I started sanding but whatever sealant my mother used on it in the 80's was hard core! I could not get it to come off. So i took a trip to the hardware store and bought some heavy duty sandpaper and went to town! After quite a bit of elbow grease it looked like this...

     Then I gave it a coat of paint. I couldn't decide if I wanted to distress it or not, but after my first step I didn't really feel like pulling out the sander again. I am actually glad I didn't distress it, I really love how it turned out.

     Then I made little bedding to go inside the cribs. My mother made Sophia this adorable rag quilt for her 1st birthday for when she switches into a big girl bed. She let me have the scraps and I made the crib bedding to match, with pillows and everything! 

     Put it all together and Voila!! How cute is it? I loved the way it turned out. Sophia loves putting her dolls, stuffed animals, any toy with a face in it ha ha. I am glad she loved it!

     I got pictures of most the presents I made. There were a few that I made super last minute so I  didn't get a pic of them. I made a scrap book for my mother in law. It started from Tyler and I being engaged and went up to Sophia being 18months old. It was beautiful when I was done, and now we will give her some pages every Christmas that she can put in it to keep it up to date. I also made my mother a wood sign to hang in her home. I think those were the only two I didn't get pictures of. 

     I am fulling planning on doing this again next year and probably every year while we are in school. This time around I will keep my eyes open all year and I will get ideas and things going early so I am not so rushed.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years

     This year for new years we went to grandpa Bohns in Logandale. Since we were in Ely already the drive wasn't to bad. I did take pictures but they were all of Sophia and none of them were of the actual festivities. So I will just do picks at the end of the post.

     We got to Logandale Thursday. Friday we left Sophia with dad and Saundra and I went into St. George and had an entire day of shopping! It was a lot of fun! We hit all the after Christmas sales and had lunch with Grandpa Bohn's sister aunt Milli. She is a super funny lady! Saturday Tyler got his turn to go into Vegas with his brother and test drive cars.

     Saturday our cousin Megan and I spent the afternoon making cookies and brownies and potato skins. When everyone got there we  ate and ate and ate. I am telling you this family knows how to pack down the food! ha ha It's always a good time though. I did not make it to midnight. I haven't for a few years. We just visited and looked at some old pics which was really fun. Sophia did not stay up even close to midnight. hopefully she wont for a few more years.

    Tyler and I have both made a few new years resolutions. I try not to make to many and I try to make them realistic so that i can stick to them, so here are mine.

1. Exercising, taking over all good care of my body. Along with that strive to have good self esteem. I am not perfect and I understand that but sometimes I can be hard on myself.

2. Eat at the dinner table every night. And along with that be better at planning meals in advance (have a menu for the week). My table is often full of my latest project so a lot of times we end up eating in the living room. I think it's really important to sit down as a family for dinner every night so I am making it happen!

3. Spend more quality one on one time with Sophia. I know what you are all thinking, I am a stay at home mom right? Well I want to be better at having fun little activities planned for us, like play group, or going to the park, or putting a puzzle together, or doing  craft together, things like that. Where Sophia can learn and have fun at the same time.

4. Going to the temple more often. Tyler and I are pretty good but we could get a lot better!

5. Quality time with my husband. We get so caught up in life sometimes we forget to just take a couple hours for us.

So there it is, my list. Not to long, not to unrealistic. I think it will be great to work on these! So anyway enough of my ramblings here are some cute pics of Sophia. When we were at grandpa Bohn's we went on a walk with Saundra afterwards Sophia and I played outside. In grandpa's yard there is this little bunny statue and Sophia thought it was her personal pet! It was so funny! She would sit next to it, put her arm around it, kiss it, feed it, pet it. It was so stinking cute!

     She also found that stump and had to use it as her little personal chair. She had to carry my camera bag around as her little purse too! I sure have a girly girl on my hands. 


Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Sorry about the lack of posting lately, deciding to make all my Christmas gifts the month before Christmas has kept me insanely busy! Plus we have had a ton going on with family and birthdays and such but here is the update on how our Christmas went. This year we spent Christmas in Ely with Tyler's family. We love going to Ely for Christmas! Tyler had some crazy finals and really had classes this semester, so the break was exactly what he needed.! It was fun and relaxing, we were spoiled, Sophia was spoiled, we got to relax,  read some books, and sleep in. Simply put it was amazing.

The first two days before Christmas we just relaxed. I worked on finishing my Christmas presents. Christmas Eve we went to Tyler's Grandparents house and had dinner and sang Christmas songs. Tyler's Grandma has this amazing collection of Christmas Nativity Scenes, I am talking hundreds of them! She has them displayed all over her house. They are beautiful and I love look at them, but they are also breakable and with Sophia running around I was kinda a nervous wreck ha ha. We spent most of the evening in the basement avoiding the Nativity Scenes. But it was great to see them and spend time with Grandma and Grandpa!

Christmas morning we all got up when Sophia got up at 7 and got to opening presents. Sophia could care less about the gifts! She did not want us to make her sit down and open presents ha ha. Once the present was actually opened though she would want it out of the box right then! It was pretty funny, so Tyler ended up opening most of her presents. For Christmas I got a new camera!! Which is amazing compared to the really old crappy one I have been using. Tyler's mom had it all charged and ready for me so I could take pics on Christmas morning.

Here is Sophia Christmas morning. Notice how upset she is that we kept making her come into the living room! ha ha

Sophia got a play kitchen from Grandma and Grandpa and she loves it! She plays with it like crazy! She knows what everything does and she pretends to fill up cups and drink them, she washes her hands, and cooks with the pans. It is so cute to watch her play!

She got this apron for her birthday from Hanna and Sara. I was going to be all creative and make her a kitchen but never got around to it. Some day I still want to try making one though! Maybe with the next kid or when we move or something.I did make one of her big gifts this year and it turned out so cute! I am planning on posting about it soon.

These helicopters were all Seth played with Christmas day. They were really cool. There were quite a few crashes and rumors of one being broken already by the end of the day ha ha, but they were fun!


Here is the Christmas tree. After the presents were opened Grandma and Grandpa came over and had Christmas breakfast with us then we all went to church. The rest of the week was spent over eating, enjoying each others company, relaxing, and eating more. Sophia is so hilarious sometimes I just wish I could keep a camera on her always. I came home from running errands with Tyler's mom one day to find her reading the paper! ha ha it was to cute. She had this stern look like she was really concentrating on the words!

The weather was like in the mid 50's so we even played outside! It was crazy I have never had a Christmas so warm since we moved out of Vegas. We had a blast! We hope everyone else had a fun safe and relaxing holiday! New years post to come!