Saturday, October 1, 2011

Old furniture

     When my little sister got married a couple weeks ago it was at this reception center called the Eldridge Manor. It was big and old and had tons of gorgeous trees and land around it. My favorite part was all  the old furniture in it! I took a ton of pics from the couches all the way to the door knobs ha ha!  

This was the main building. It looks really small from the outside but it's actually quite large inside!

Love these big pain doors! They had a set of brown ones that were so pretty too.

Someday I am going to have a chandelier in my house. Maybe not as huge and  maybe a little more up to date.

They had this adorable dresser and mirror in the brides room. She also had her own bathroom with this old huge cast iron tub. I thought I had taken a pic of it but I guess I didn't you can imagine it though! 

I would love to redo this chair and have it in my house!

Door knobs are so fun to use for stuff like hooks or just decorations. Some day I'll find some old door knobs to hang in my house somewhere! 

This isn't a very good pic but they had this back huge patio that you could use for dancing or mingling and they had lights streaming all the way across it. It was so pretty once the sun went down. 

We hung pics from the trees in all different lengths so as you walked by or stood in line you could  look at the pictures. It looked really cool. 

These were the party favors/thank yous from the bride and groom. Little gift boxes  in the shapes of tuxes and dresses! So fun! 

How about this amazing cake my mother made! It was so gorgeous! Everyone was floored that she did that and planned a wedding! She is amazing! 

     The candle votives all around the cake just made it look so much cooler! It was such a good add to the presentation. 
     All in all the place was gorgeous, the bride was stunning, and the wedding was a success! 


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.Chrissy said...

I love the pictures in the trees!!! They look perfect! (and I am totally getting a big chandelier one day too: ) )