Monday, October 10, 2011

Cupcake Party

       Growing up my mom would through us all these crazy themed parties and they were always so much fun! I remember always loving them and my friends thought they were great! I was so excited to start this with Sophia, plus I made all the stuff myself so this party was made on a dime. My Daughter turned one back in June but I just found the pictures of the party! It was Sophia's first birthday so I got to choose the theme. She isn't really into anything yet being only one so I went for something kind of general like cupcakes! 

     I started with the designing the invites then decorated everything around those. 

     Since it was a cupcake partie we of course had to have a ton of them. We had mini, regular and a giant cupcake cake!

     The cake I decorated to look like a real cupcake, so I used half fondant half frosting. It was all Sophia's to smash up! Don't worry she didn't even get close to eating all of it. 

     I thought it would be a cute idea for everyone to see how Sophia has changed in the last year. So I dug out a pic or two from every month and hung them in order with tags. It was crazy comparing her new born pic to her year pics! Kids change so fast!

     Since most the guest were adults the party favors were chocolate dipped strawberries. All the guests were also family so I added a pic of Sophia in every bag so everyone could take one home!

     I am so glad I found all these old school soda bottles. Wrapping them all in banners made them so cute! 

     I also made her little birthday outfit to match the cupcake theme! It was so cute and matched pretty dang close to all the other cupcakes.

     I am so glad Hanna snapped this pic of my grandpa (Sophia's great grandpa) feeding her watermelon! How cute it is!

      The birthday girl enjoying her cake! She got down and dirty but it came out of the onesie quite easily! 

     All in all the party was a blast. Pretty simple and low key, just food and visiting which is what we wanted. I can't believe how fast my baby is growing up but I am loving every minute of it! I feel like it needs to slow down just a little though.


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