Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sophia's first haircut!

     Sophia will be 2 in June and I had never given her a haircut. Her hair was getting extra frizzy, especially the back, and I know it wasn't very even. So I decided it was time. I straightened it all out and couldn't believe how long it was! Can I just say I love that she holds still for me to straighten and cut her hair, and style it everyday. She was made for me! ha ha 

Look at that! It's like halfway down her back!! 

During the hair cut. She seriously just chilled and watched a cartoon. I just straightened out the back and added layers in the back to cut off a lot of dead ends. I trimmed the front too, just to even it up a little.

After the cut, hair still straight. The bangs in the front were driving her nuts so I pinned them back. I just love the way she looks like a different child with her hair straight.

     After the cut we gave her a shower and her hair went right back to curly. It may not look much different but it has made a big difference in the amount of frizz I see daily, and it was a big deal for me!!

~ A

Menu Board/ Calender

     SO for a long time I have been wanting to make a calender or some kind of menu board for my kitchen. I need a little more organization in my life. Well I also need to fit another baby in Sophia's room so I have been starting to clear out some stuff. She had this old window with a saying and a bow on it in her room.

     I decided this needed to go so I would have room for shelves and boyish decor on that side of the room. So I turned it into my calender board, and it turned out so great!! I can't believe I waited so long to make one! First I peeled the letters off. Then I mixed a bunch of colors together to get a cute teal color to match my kitchen. I mixed up some chalkboard paint and painted the middle and added some hooks to hang keys and such on. It turned out like this!

     I love it! I was going to do the chalk lines in white vinyl but decided less is more and I really like the way it looks just drawing it with chalk. Now if only I can get Tyler to really hang his keys on the hooks. I also painted some picture frames to match the calender and tie in the other wall. 

     This picture doesn't do it much justice but it looks cute. I just want to get a few more frames and I obviously need to put some pics in the frames.

       ~ A

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stuffed robot

     My adorable niece layla turned one this weekend. I can't believe she is that old already. I was trying to decide what to make her for her birthday when Shelby told me she loved stuffed animals. I saw this pic of an adorable stuffed robot on pinterest and knew I had to make it for her! It turned out so great! It was a little time consuming but worth it. My brother in law even wants one now for his birthday ha ha but a man one he said! I told him I would work on it!

She loved it!! 

The adorable birthday girl with her robot!

Nana with her two granddaughters! Notice how Sophia is never smiling in posed pics. Oh well I do what I can. 

Shelby had a carnival theme and the cute pinata is a lion! Here is daddy helping Sophia hit it.

Trying to fish in the duck pond.

     The party was so fun. I was volunteered to make balloon animals. It turns out I am not to bad at it! I guess if i ever need to join the carnival I know what I can do! Sophia ended up in a diaper swimming in the duck pond! ha ha Even with sunscreen on she got a little to much sun. We will have to be really careful this summer. After the party the family went to City Creek center and it was so fun to walk around with everyone. Nana bought Sophia a Minnie Mouse stuffed animal and she has been inseparable from it! 


Mother's day

     Mother's day weekend was fabulous! Saturday morning my sister came out and her and I went and got massages!! So great, it was just what I needed. Then we went and met up with my mom and sisters and we went shopping for Tiff's birthday. Tiffany just moved into a new apartment so for her birthday she treated herself to all new furniture! It was fun to shop for things I can't afford and live vicariously through my sister. we got couches Saturday, which are amazingly comfortable! She took Sophia and I home with her that night and we spent the next three days together.
     Sunday Tiff and I went down to my parents house and the men were in charge of dinner. So we got tacos for dinner on mother's day but I love tacos and it was nice not to do anything! Sophia in nursery made me an adorable fingerprint flower. I made my mother these adorable photo coasters. They are so much cuter in person and so easy to make!

     Seriously though so easy and cheap! You just buy some white tiles from home depot. .19cents a piece. then print off some pictures in black and white. I did all the kids in my family and and grandkids. Then modgepodge the pics onto the tiles and do 4-5 layers of spray on sealant. I had the modgepodge and sealant so total cost for 12 personalized coasters $4.00!  My mom loved them! I can't tell you what I made my mother in law because she hasn't gotten it yet and I know she reads my blog. As soon as I give it to her I'll post pics.
      I didn't actually spend the day with my husband since I was going to be out of town till Tues. and he stayed home to work and such. He did give me one of the best gifts ever though! He cleaned our entire apartment, mainly our bedroom which looked like a bomb hit it!! Seriously so great to come home to a clean slate. I loved it!!
     Monday Tiff and I went and bought her a new kitchen table and TV stand. We spent the afternoon putting the table together. Then Shelby and Aaron came and helped Tiff load the TV stand in and we all went to dinner. We spent that night putting the TV stand together. Tuesday we went shopping to get decorations and went out to lunch for Tiff's birthday! It was a super fun weekend and I loved spending time with my sis!
     I did not get any pics but here are some cute pics of Sophia.

Sophia loves to read and we often find her with one of our books pretending to read it by herself!

She fell asleep like this in the car on a recent trip to Logan! ha ha SO funny!

She has started this new thing, putting her hands on her cheeks. She will just walk around the house like this.

She had a play date with daddy. She loves the swings!

The little boy next to us has bikes and scooters and she immediately runs over and will put his helmet on and ride the bike and scooter. I think we might need to get her a bike for her birthday.

I just love the way she looks with a helmet on ha ha so goofy.

My two favorite people!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nickel cade

     So one of my new goals is to really be good at family nights on Mondays. Sophia is old enough that we should be doing it every week! Because of Tyler's OAT prep class he doesn't get home till almost 7 Monday nights and Sophia's bedtime is 8, but we try. Tyler had these free passes for nickel cade that he got from one of his classes and they were about to expire so we decided to use them for family night. This was one of our more fancy family nights. Sometimes we just go for a walk to the park, sometimes we get a redbox, sometimes we just go for a drive. As long as we just spend time together I call it good.
     We were unsure of how Sophia would like the nickel cade. We were a little worried there wouldn't be games for her but with a little help from dad she did great and loved it!! All the change we used for the games we already had in a jar and after we went and got slushes at sonic. Total cost for family night $3 (and that's a fancy one ha ha)!

She loved this carousel. She probably road it like 7 times! 

Knocking down lizards with daddy.

Riding motorcycles! Look at her face in these pics! ha ha so cute, she had a blast!

If you look really close between Tyler and Sophia you can see a little blue purse. That was Sophia's prize that we bought with all the tickets we worked so hard to get. It's blue and sparkly. She loves it!


Baby Ultrasound

     This is a few weeks late but oh well. At 22 weeks we had our big ultrasound to check all the baby's organs and size and such. For some reason with this baby I have been really nervous about this ultrasound. Maybe it's because of all the complications I have already had with this pregnancy, or the miscarriage we had before it, or maybe because I already knew it was a boy so I didn't have that to be super excited about like I did with Sophia, but I was nervous. More nervous than I let on to anyone. Thankfully we got a fabulous ultrasound tech who explained every little thing she was doing and reassured us he was perfectly healthy!! I was so relieved after the ultrasound!
     The little man was about 2 pounds, and she said he had a nice round belly. Maybe he will come out all fat!!! At the beginning of the ultrasound he was very active and kept kicking the ultrasound wand which made me laugh and my belly shake. It was pretty dang cute. Then he decided to curl up in a little ball and make it impossible for the tech to double check the gender. I would have loved a reassurance that it's a boy but we got several really good pics from before so I am pretty sure we are safe.
     One quick funny story then I will post pics of the little man. When we got in the room and one of the first questions the tech asked us, pointing at Tyler, are you the one with the fused ulna and radius arms. Ha ha ha apparently Tyler is famous in the office. I am guessing it's in my file because with Sophia I wrote it down as a possible birth defect because we didn't know much about Tyler's arms. We didn't know if it was genetic or not. We have since come to the conclusion it was a birth defect and not genetic but she was so intrigued she had to look at the babies arms and see if she could see it in the ultrasound. It was pretty funny. Tyler and I always laugh when we talk to doctors and they are so fascinated by his arms!!

It's hard to tell in this pic but he kept crossing his feet at the ankles and just chillin. It was pretty cute!

This is his face and he kinda looks alien like. She couldn't get a cute profile pic he was to wiggly.

Blogger is making me mad right now because it keeps posting this pic sideways and I don't know why. But if you look really close this is when he decided to curl up in a ball and be done. If you look at the top of the ultrasound is his head then his spine and his little bum down kinda by the spot of light then his knees right by his face and feet. Silly baby!

     I am now 24 weeks. Crazy! I am six months along. Only 3 more months till we meet this little man!!