Sunday, May 20, 2012

Baby Ultrasound

     This is a few weeks late but oh well. At 22 weeks we had our big ultrasound to check all the baby's organs and size and such. For some reason with this baby I have been really nervous about this ultrasound. Maybe it's because of all the complications I have already had with this pregnancy, or the miscarriage we had before it, or maybe because I already knew it was a boy so I didn't have that to be super excited about like I did with Sophia, but I was nervous. More nervous than I let on to anyone. Thankfully we got a fabulous ultrasound tech who explained every little thing she was doing and reassured us he was perfectly healthy!! I was so relieved after the ultrasound!
     The little man was about 2 pounds, and she said he had a nice round belly. Maybe he will come out all fat!!! At the beginning of the ultrasound he was very active and kept kicking the ultrasound wand which made me laugh and my belly shake. It was pretty dang cute. Then he decided to curl up in a little ball and make it impossible for the tech to double check the gender. I would have loved a reassurance that it's a boy but we got several really good pics from before so I am pretty sure we are safe.
     One quick funny story then I will post pics of the little man. When we got in the room and one of the first questions the tech asked us, pointing at Tyler, are you the one with the fused ulna and radius arms. Ha ha ha apparently Tyler is famous in the office. I am guessing it's in my file because with Sophia I wrote it down as a possible birth defect because we didn't know much about Tyler's arms. We didn't know if it was genetic or not. We have since come to the conclusion it was a birth defect and not genetic but she was so intrigued she had to look at the babies arms and see if she could see it in the ultrasound. It was pretty funny. Tyler and I always laugh when we talk to doctors and they are so fascinated by his arms!!

It's hard to tell in this pic but he kept crossing his feet at the ankles and just chillin. It was pretty cute!

This is his face and he kinda looks alien like. She couldn't get a cute profile pic he was to wiggly.

Blogger is making me mad right now because it keeps posting this pic sideways and I don't know why. But if you look really close this is when he decided to curl up in a ball and be done. If you look at the top of the ultrasound is his head then his spine and his little bum down kinda by the spot of light then his knees right by his face and feet. Silly baby!

     I am now 24 weeks. Crazy! I am six months along. Only 3 more months till we meet this little man!! 



Lee-Ruth-Clark-Cal-Shanna-Haley-Elden said...

Congrats on a healthy ultrasound! YAY!!!! That is wonderful! I bet you are so relieved! When does Tyler take the OAT? What schools are you guys interested in? I hope we get to see you this summer!

Annelise said...

Thanks we are super excited! Tyler will take the OAT in mid July. Our top two schools are pacific and SCCO. but we are applying to Arizona, Houston, Tennessee, and New England too. we are planning on coming to the reunion so we should see you!