Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stuffed robot

     My adorable niece layla turned one this weekend. I can't believe she is that old already. I was trying to decide what to make her for her birthday when Shelby told me she loved stuffed animals. I saw this pic of an adorable stuffed robot on pinterest and knew I had to make it for her! It turned out so great! It was a little time consuming but worth it. My brother in law even wants one now for his birthday ha ha but a man one he said! I told him I would work on it!

She loved it!! 

The adorable birthday girl with her robot!

Nana with her two granddaughters! Notice how Sophia is never smiling in posed pics. Oh well I do what I can. 

Shelby had a carnival theme and the cute pinata is a lion! Here is daddy helping Sophia hit it.

Trying to fish in the duck pond.

     The party was so fun. I was volunteered to make balloon animals. It turns out I am not to bad at it! I guess if i ever need to join the carnival I know what I can do! Sophia ended up in a diaper swimming in the duck pond! ha ha Even with sunscreen on she got a little to much sun. We will have to be really careful this summer. After the party the family went to City Creek center and it was so fun to walk around with everyone. Nana bought Sophia a Minnie Mouse stuffed animal and she has been inseparable from it! 



Cardiganwearer said...

I'm not sure how I feel about the stuffed robot.

Annelise said...

What's wrong with it?

imthinkingoutloud said...

I love your robot! I have made 3 so far and am working on a 4th...the 1st was the same size as the tutorial, the other 2 were larger, and this 4th one is much larger and is fan art based. You did a great job on yours! She is very cute ♥

here are mine so far (will have the 4th done within the next week I hope)