Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Menu Board/ Calender

     SO for a long time I have been wanting to make a calender or some kind of menu board for my kitchen. I need a little more organization in my life. Well I also need to fit another baby in Sophia's room so I have been starting to clear out some stuff. She had this old window with a saying and a bow on it in her room.

     I decided this needed to go so I would have room for shelves and boyish decor on that side of the room. So I turned it into my calender board, and it turned out so great!! I can't believe I waited so long to make one! First I peeled the letters off. Then I mixed a bunch of colors together to get a cute teal color to match my kitchen. I mixed up some chalkboard paint and painted the middle and added some hooks to hang keys and such on. It turned out like this!

     I love it! I was going to do the chalk lines in white vinyl but decided less is more and I really like the way it looks just drawing it with chalk. Now if only I can get Tyler to really hang his keys on the hooks. I also painted some picture frames to match the calender and tie in the other wall. 

     This picture doesn't do it much justice but it looks cute. I just want to get a few more frames and I obviously need to put some pics in the frames.

       ~ A

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