Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sophia's first haircut!

     Sophia will be 2 in June and I had never given her a haircut. Her hair was getting extra frizzy, especially the back, and I know it wasn't very even. So I decided it was time. I straightened it all out and couldn't believe how long it was! Can I just say I love that she holds still for me to straighten and cut her hair, and style it everyday. She was made for me! ha ha 

Look at that! It's like halfway down her back!! 

During the hair cut. She seriously just chilled and watched a cartoon. I just straightened out the back and added layers in the back to cut off a lot of dead ends. I trimmed the front too, just to even it up a little.

After the cut, hair still straight. The bangs in the front were driving her nuts so I pinned them back. I just love the way she looks like a different child with her hair straight.

     After the cut we gave her a shower and her hair went right back to curly. It may not look much different but it has made a big difference in the amount of frizz I see daily, and it was a big deal for me!!

~ A


Kendra said...

I bet it's nice to have her as a client over Owen! And oh my gosh I cannot believe how different she looks with straight hair!!!

Lee-Ruth-Clark-Cal-Shanna-Haley-Elden said...

Looks good! So glad that she sits still for you. I always give Elden a sucker and sit him in front of a movie when I cut his hair. The other day I offered him a sucker just for fun and then he said, I don't want you to cut my hair! It was so cute--I wasn't even going to cut his hair, funny boy.

Moroni & Candice said...

Wow great job on Sophia's haircut. Super CUTE!