Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's day

     Mother's day weekend was fabulous! Saturday morning my sister came out and her and I went and got massages!! So great, it was just what I needed. Then we went and met up with my mom and sisters and we went shopping for Tiff's birthday. Tiffany just moved into a new apartment so for her birthday she treated herself to all new furniture! It was fun to shop for things I can't afford and live vicariously through my sister. we got couches Saturday, which are amazingly comfortable! She took Sophia and I home with her that night and we spent the next three days together.
     Sunday Tiff and I went down to my parents house and the men were in charge of dinner. So we got tacos for dinner on mother's day but I love tacos and it was nice not to do anything! Sophia in nursery made me an adorable fingerprint flower. I made my mother these adorable photo coasters. They are so much cuter in person and so easy to make!

     Seriously though so easy and cheap! You just buy some white tiles from home depot. .19cents a piece. then print off some pictures in black and white. I did all the kids in my family and and grandkids. Then modgepodge the pics onto the tiles and do 4-5 layers of spray on sealant. I had the modgepodge and sealant so total cost for 12 personalized coasters $4.00!  My mom loved them! I can't tell you what I made my mother in law because she hasn't gotten it yet and I know she reads my blog. As soon as I give it to her I'll post pics.
      I didn't actually spend the day with my husband since I was going to be out of town till Tues. and he stayed home to work and such. He did give me one of the best gifts ever though! He cleaned our entire apartment, mainly our bedroom which looked like a bomb hit it!! Seriously so great to come home to a clean slate. I loved it!!
     Monday Tiff and I went and bought her a new kitchen table and TV stand. We spent the afternoon putting the table together. Then Shelby and Aaron came and helped Tiff load the TV stand in and we all went to dinner. We spent that night putting the TV stand together. Tuesday we went shopping to get decorations and went out to lunch for Tiff's birthday! It was a super fun weekend and I loved spending time with my sis!
     I did not get any pics but here are some cute pics of Sophia.

Sophia loves to read and we often find her with one of our books pretending to read it by herself!

She fell asleep like this in the car on a recent trip to Logan! ha ha SO funny!

She has started this new thing, putting her hands on her cheeks. She will just walk around the house like this.

She had a play date with daddy. She loves the swings!

The little boy next to us has bikes and scooters and she immediately runs over and will put his helmet on and ride the bike and scooter. I think we might need to get her a bike for her birthday.

I just love the way she looks with a helmet on ha ha so goofy.

My two favorite people!

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