Saturday, February 22, 2014

Moving. I loathe you.

     Some friends in our ward managed some apartments for a few years to get out of debt. They recently bought a house and offered to put us in touch with the owner so that we could manage the apartments after they moved. I am going to keep a long story short and just let you know we got the job! We are very excited!

     The company we will be working for is not only redoing the apartment before we move in there but is discounting our rent, we get a paycheck on top of that, and there is room for raises if we do well. To top it all of I get to stay home with my babies, save us a ton of money during school, and work about 20 hrs. a week split with Tyler!

     I am under no impression that this is going to be a walk in the park BUT it is such a blessing in many ways! We couldn't ask for a more convenient job during grad school! SO we are moving AGAIN on Saturday but hopefully it will be for the last time in a very long time!



     When Tyler first learned to use the phoropter at school he took us all in to check our eyes. Sophia would not sit still and wouldn't tell us what the pictures were. We thought she was just being a 3yr old. Turns out she actually couldn't see the pics. We took her back about 4 months later and Tyler just threw a quick guess correction up there and she read all they way to a 20/15. So we knew something was up. We took her into the clinic on campus and turns out she reads at a -2.0 on both eye. Poor girl was seeing blurry!

      Glasses it is. She just got them last week and she looks adorable! and so much older! I do not think she looks like a 3 yr old now!

     It was so funny when she first put them on, she kept lowering them down her nose and pulling them back up again. You could see in her face she was like, "Wo. Everything is clear." ha ha. Lucky for us she instantly loved them and Proudly tells everyone Grandpa gave them to me!! Thanks Grandpa! 

    Here are all my attempts to get her to smile in the one picture above ha ha. 

She's Crazy! We love her! 



     Thanksgiving this year it was my parent's year. Tyler's parent's had decided to come out to Cali for Christmas so we could afford to make the long trek home! I was worried about the 11 hour drive, with a recently potty trained 3 yr. old but we went for it.

     We left about 2 that afternoon. We stopped in Vegas and had dinner with my brother. We went to this awesome burger place, that I can not remember the name of. It was like gourmet burgers. SO yummy. By the time we got done it was just about bed time so we jumped in the car and hoped the kids would fall asleep. They did, and after some snow, some middle of the night pit stops for Sophia, and lots of snacks later. We made to my parents about 3 am. I did not call my mother ahead of time to tell her we were coming early so they were quite surprised. Also lucky for me my parents are night owls because they were both up. ha ha

     We got to spend a week and a half at my moms and everyday was filled with friends, family, repeat. It was so fun! I didn't realize how much I missed home till I went back! I was caught up in the excitement of moving but once I made home I didn't want to leave again.

Sophia and Layla enjoying a movie.

     Thanksgiving day my brother drove up and we were all there except Ben and Jess who live in Canada now.  It was just a relaxing day filled with lot's of food. The next morning we woke up early and went black friday shopping. This year it was awesome! All the crazies went Thanksgiving night and by the time we got up at 5 and went all the shelves were restocked, lines gone, crazies in bed! It was awesome! We were in and out of all our stores in like 15 min. and got everything we wanted. I did all of Christmas for my family of 4 for under $100. I was pretty proud of myself.

The aerospace museum was one of the many things we did over Thanksgiving.

     The rest of the week was spent playing and shopping and eating more. My mother sent us home with all our Christmas gifts, all Ben's gifts, and I had all the stuff from black Friday. It was a miracle I didn't have stuff strapped to the roof!

     It was an amazing trip and it was so hard to leave again! I miss my family, they are my best friends! We think about you guys everyday! Sophia asks for you guys everyday. Nana, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa,  and cousins are very common subjects Sophia brings up to talk about. Thanksgiving was great!


You can thank my sister

     My little sister Briana has a habit of giving me a hard time when I don't post anything for a while. You can all personally thank her for guilting me into keeping this blog alive ha ha.  Especially since I have recently started hand journaling again. I forgot how much I love to hand journal! Anyway it is way past time to update this blog so let's start back in Oct.

     For Halloween Tyler's school did a trick or treat party. We went to his school and the kids got to go around to the administrations offices and trick or treat. It was really cute! Joel had just started walking a couple weeks before and we threw a cape on him and turned him into Nacho Libre! It was probably the best costume ever! His little pot belly and drunken baby walk were a priceless combination!

     Sophia dressed up as the ever adorable Annie! I made her watch the movie a couple times before hand so she knew who she was. She at least knew how to sing "Tomorrow tomorrow I love ya tomorrow" It was cute!

         Tyler and I dressed up as Wolverine and Gene Grey for Halloween. We were invited to a Halloween costume party and it was so fun to dress up! I don't think we have dressed up in years.

     Our ward also did a trunk or treat. My trunk was a bat cave with Potions inside. I feel like we celebrated Halloween like four times. Which was awesome!

     On the actual day of Halloween Tyler's cousin Mitchell and his Girlfriend Darrian were in town visiting so we spent the day on the beach. When we got home it was a little late for trick or treating but we went to some friends house and had some yummy food and played till late. It was a great day!