Monday, September 26, 2011

Girls night!

     On Friday night was the night of the BYU football game. Tyler has tickets so he goes to all the games. Which means Sophia and I were left alone at our place. So I decided it was time to introduce her into the world of a girls night! We started with dinner. It was a special night so Sophia got to eat mac and cheese and an entire jug of chocolate milk! I tried to say a little healthy so I had a lean cuisine pizza and whole grain pringles which Sophia loved!

     But don't you worry we got our sugar fix in because for dessert we had cookies and milk! After dinner Sophia looked like this..

     So it was time for her very first bubble bath!! It was so funny, At first she just kept staring at her hands like what is this? After a little coxing and convincing her everything was all right she loved it! 

     After the bath it was time for comfy pajamas! Sophia in her cute stripes and me in my favorite sweats. 

     Once we in our pajamas it was time for our girly movie! Now those of you who know me Know I  have a unhealthy love for cheesy movies! So of course what we watched was a cheesy movie and it had to have music so Sophia would stay entertained. Here was our choice..

     We loved it! Ha ha I wish I would have snapped some pics of er dancing around to it! It was dang cute! While we watched the movie we of course had to do pedicures. So we painted Sophia's toes red and mine sparkly pink. Sophia loves to get her toes painted. When I paint her toes she sits still and holds her foot in the air for me. It is stinking cute. Here she is getting her toes painted.

      Here is the finished product! 

      We had so much fun just the girls! I know this will become ritual as she continues to grow up, and I hope she still loves spending time with me as a teenager having girls nights! 



.Chrissy said...

Oh my gosh! Cutest little Mommy-Daughter Girl's Night!! Love it! (I had no idea you loved cheesy movies that much haha good for you!!)

Annelise said...

Ha ha thanks! Yeah I am a big sucker for cheese!

Lucy Wall said...

You should bring Sophia for girls night on game day! Dave goes and I usually stay home!!!

Annelise said...

I Should! Next home game lets do it! Except not this week because I will be out of town!

Anonymous said...

Oh my....looking at those pics was like going back in time for me. My daughter looks SO MUCH like yours, and she has the same read curly hair! Only, she's 5 now... Time flies tooooooo fast!