Monday, September 19, 2011

Bridal Shower

     Sorry for the lack of posting this last week. My little sister got married on Thursday so it has been family family family all week long which has been great! We got to see my brother who we don't get to see very often cause he lives out of town, and I have been taking advantage of that! Now the party is over and back to life. 
     So lets start the long list of bridal stuff I was in charge of. Technically I wasn't in charge of it by myself. My mother and sisters helped which was great because Briana invited like 50 people. In advance, sorry for the crappy pics the camera I was using didn't take the best quality pics!

1: The Shower. 
      Last Saturday was her bridal shower, it was kinda last minute so I used some of the same decorations and ideas as the last one I threw but we added some of our own ideas and it turned out great! 

     This was the gift slash party favor holder. I used a little tiny banner and it turned out super cute. The party favor boxes were cute little bags we found at walmart for super cheap. How cute are the giant rings I added to them! The boxes were filled with gumballs in Briana's wedding colors. 

     We rimmed the glasses with sugar and made strawberry daiquiris. Briana invited a ton of people so we had a lot of glasses to rim!

     Briana had a special giant glass that my mother found at the store! How awesome is it! We made her use it all night! She loved it, and drank the entire thing!! 

     Of course lots of yummy food is a must and how cute are the cupcakes with the toppers. B for Briana or Bride. I couldn't decide which to do so I did both, lucky for me the B worked for both ha ha! Notice I added the little banner to the cupcake tier, I think it turned out so cute!

     Briana and her cute friends and my adorable grandma. We took pics of everyone in front of the backdrop for Briana to keep in a little book of advice. 
     A lot was similar to the bachelorette party I threw a few weeks ago but no one from here went to the bachelorette party and what is better than reusing something you already have?! 


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