Friday, September 9, 2011

Wedding Hair

     This summer has been wedding crazy! Which means I have had a lot of projects going on. You will see some of those projects in later post's, as soon as I get pictures of them. As a work from home cosmetologist I often offer my services as gifts for the bride. Well this summer my sister and my almost sister got married so they would have gotten it free anyway ha ha.

      I love going to weddings because the couples are so happy and cute and they are just starting their lives together. You can always tell looking at them that they are so excited. As a married lady, going to weddings always makes me remember my wedding day and I feel that excitement all over again. I think it's important to remember how you felt on you wedding  day every once in a while, to remember the excitement and love you felt for your spouse.

     Anyway this first couple is my almost sister Alli. We are convinced we could have been twins in another life! Our personalities are so much alike. She is a beautiful red head and has this incredible long gorgeous hair. We did a loose curl look in the front and pinned it all up in a curly bun in the back.

    These next pics are of my little sister. I thought it would be weird when she got married but it's really not. Her and Matt are too perfect for each other. Both goofy, both loud, both hilarious! Briana wanted a simple classic look, so we curled her hair and pinned one side up with a little jeweled hair accessory.

How silly are they? Ha ha. Stay tuned for a lot of little wedding things I made for Briana's wedding! Her bridal shower is Saturday and her wedding is Thursday so a lot more fun things to come, and most likely a tutorial will be here Monday! Enjoy your day!



Caldwells said...

Wow, great job on the hair! They are both beautiful! Can't wait to see the other projects from Briana's wedding!

Annelise said...

Thanks lady!