Sunday, January 15, 2012

Silly Baby

     Sophia has one of the goofiest personalities I have ever seen on a baby. I wish I could keep  a camera on her all the time so I could show everyone how funny she is. Seriously though I rarely have a dull moment with her around. I love it! Needless to say this is going to be a picture post.

      I know I already showed you the pictures of Sophia with the news paper but I took like five photos so here are a couple others.

Sophia has these PJs that have a hood and are a little small. I put them on her the other night and put the hood on and she gave me this scowl ha ha. Then i started laughing and she went and looked in the mirror and cracked up! It was so funny! She new she looked ridiculus!

She likes to stand on her head and walk around on her hands and feet like the kid off the jungle book.

At grandma Robertson's house over Christmas break Sophia found this old old polaroid camera that she kept trying to take pics with. it was really cute!

Trying to wear dads coat. Ha ha it was way huge. His coats are bigger than me, let alone Sophia!

We went to the car show this weekend and Sophia was getting sick of riding in the stroller. We were letting her hold our hands but she drops to the ground dead weight when she wants to walk  on her own. The only problem is she just runs away. So we just dragged her backwards around so she could see what was going on. Ha ha She loved it. She was laughing the whole time and kept making us do it.

AND my absolute favorite I straightened Sophia's hair! Normally her hair is curly and unruly! I straightened it and couldn't believe how long it was! She looked like a totally different person. She kept looking in the mirror and rubbing her head like it was so soft and straight ha ha! It was cute!

Crazy HUH? Tyler and I both just kept looking at her! ha ha These pictures aren't even half of the goofy things she does all the time! I just love her hilarious self. Anyway thanks for letting me brag about my hilarious child! Have a great day.



Lucy Wall said...

Oh I love her....

Annelise said...

Thanks lady!

Megs said...

I love the newspaper pictures! Her straight hair is adorable!