Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Sorry about the lack of posting lately, deciding to make all my Christmas gifts the month before Christmas has kept me insanely busy! Plus we have had a ton going on with family and birthdays and such but here is the update on how our Christmas went. This year we spent Christmas in Ely with Tyler's family. We love going to Ely for Christmas! Tyler had some crazy finals and really had classes this semester, so the break was exactly what he needed.! It was fun and relaxing, we were spoiled, Sophia was spoiled, we got to relax,  read some books, and sleep in. Simply put it was amazing.

The first two days before Christmas we just relaxed. I worked on finishing my Christmas presents. Christmas Eve we went to Tyler's Grandparents house and had dinner and sang Christmas songs. Tyler's Grandma has this amazing collection of Christmas Nativity Scenes, I am talking hundreds of them! She has them displayed all over her house. They are beautiful and I love look at them, but they are also breakable and with Sophia running around I was kinda a nervous wreck ha ha. We spent most of the evening in the basement avoiding the Nativity Scenes. But it was great to see them and spend time with Grandma and Grandpa!

Christmas morning we all got up when Sophia got up at 7 and got to opening presents. Sophia could care less about the gifts! She did not want us to make her sit down and open presents ha ha. Once the present was actually opened though she would want it out of the box right then! It was pretty funny, so Tyler ended up opening most of her presents. For Christmas I got a new camera!! Which is amazing compared to the really old crappy one I have been using. Tyler's mom had it all charged and ready for me so I could take pics on Christmas morning.

Here is Sophia Christmas morning. Notice how upset she is that we kept making her come into the living room! ha ha

Sophia got a play kitchen from Grandma and Grandpa and she loves it! She plays with it like crazy! She knows what everything does and she pretends to fill up cups and drink them, she washes her hands, and cooks with the pans. It is so cute to watch her play!

She got this apron for her birthday from Hanna and Sara. I was going to be all creative and make her a kitchen but never got around to it. Some day I still want to try making one though! Maybe with the next kid or when we move or something.I did make one of her big gifts this year and it turned out so cute! I am planning on posting about it soon.

These helicopters were all Seth played with Christmas day. They were really cool. There were quite a few crashes and rumors of one being broken already by the end of the day ha ha, but they were fun!


Here is the Christmas tree. After the presents were opened Grandma and Grandpa came over and had Christmas breakfast with us then we all went to church. The rest of the week was spent over eating, enjoying each others company, relaxing, and eating more. Sophia is so hilarious sometimes I just wish I could keep a camera on her always. I came home from running errands with Tyler's mom one day to find her reading the paper! ha ha it was to cute. She had this stern look like she was really concentrating on the words!

The weather was like in the mid 50's so we even played outside! It was crazy I have never had a Christmas so warm since we moved out of Vegas. We had a blast! We hope everyone else had a fun safe and relaxing holiday! New years post to come!



Lee-Ruth-Clark-Cal-Shanna-Haley-Elden said...

What a fun Christmas in Ely! Glad you were spoiled and had a nice and relaxing time. Yes, that is a funny picture of Sophia reading the paper--too cute! Loved the pictures!

Annelise said...

Thanks lady!