Monday, January 9, 2012

Gift Giving

     Does anyone else feel like every year your Christmas gift list gets longer? Just me? Well this Christmas we were pretty strapped for cash so I made almost every gift I gave! I really saved a lot if money and enjoyed doing. The only problem was I need to decide next year before November 30th what I am going to make everyone!

     I made this rag blanket and matching burp clothes for my sister in law Sara. She is due with a baby girl in April!

     I also made this magnetic recipe holder for Sara and Collin. This turned out so cute I want to make myself one.

     This t-shirt quilt was my gift to Tyler. When we got married he literally had hundreds of T-shirts, it was pretty ridiculus. So I took some of my old ones and a bunch of his old ones and made them into a quilt. He loved it! It ended up being huge. It as like a queen size quilt by the time I was done with it. It's really fun to look at remember all the memories that came with each T-shirt.

     This robe was for my dear friend Shari. She asked me to find her a cute one that she could wear around the house but I couldn't find one anywhere so I made her one instead. She loved it and so do I. 

     Sophia's big gift from mom and dad was this baby doll crib. This crib was mine when I was a little girl. It used to have some old teddy bear wall paper on it and some painted hearts all over it. It need a makeover. SO I started sanding but whatever sealant my mother used on it in the 80's was hard core! I could not get it to come off. So i took a trip to the hardware store and bought some heavy duty sandpaper and went to town! After quite a bit of elbow grease it looked like this...

     Then I gave it a coat of paint. I couldn't decide if I wanted to distress it or not, but after my first step I didn't really feel like pulling out the sander again. I am actually glad I didn't distress it, I really love how it turned out.

     Then I made little bedding to go inside the cribs. My mother made Sophia this adorable rag quilt for her 1st birthday for when she switches into a big girl bed. She let me have the scraps and I made the crib bedding to match, with pillows and everything! 

     Put it all together and Voila!! How cute is it? I loved the way it turned out. Sophia loves putting her dolls, stuffed animals, any toy with a face in it ha ha. I am glad she loved it!

     I got pictures of most the presents I made. There were a few that I made super last minute so I  didn't get a pic of them. I made a scrap book for my mother in law. It started from Tyler and I being engaged and went up to Sophia being 18months old. It was beautiful when I was done, and now we will give her some pages every Christmas that she can put in it to keep it up to date. I also made my mother a wood sign to hang in her home. I think those were the only two I didn't get pictures of. 

     I am fulling planning on doing this again next year and probably every year while we are in school. This time around I will keep my eyes open all year and I will get ideas and things going early so I am not so rushed.



Lee-Ruth-Clark-Cal-Shanna-Haley-Elden said...

Wow! I love the gifts! You are a great seamstress and are so creative! I love the double doll crib. Great job on the bedding!

Kendra said...

Impressive. I think you should do it forever. Homemade gifts are always better and more meaningful. And you should teach me how in the process. :) You're so crafty and talented!

Annelise said...

Thanks ladies! Kendra I would love to teach you anything you want to try!