Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years

     This year for new years we went to grandpa Bohns in Logandale. Since we were in Ely already the drive wasn't to bad. I did take pictures but they were all of Sophia and none of them were of the actual festivities. So I will just do picks at the end of the post.

     We got to Logandale Thursday. Friday we left Sophia with dad and Saundra and I went into St. George and had an entire day of shopping! It was a lot of fun! We hit all the after Christmas sales and had lunch with Grandpa Bohn's sister aunt Milli. She is a super funny lady! Saturday Tyler got his turn to go into Vegas with his brother and test drive cars.

     Saturday our cousin Megan and I spent the afternoon making cookies and brownies and potato skins. When everyone got there we  ate and ate and ate. I am telling you this family knows how to pack down the food! ha ha It's always a good time though. I did not make it to midnight. I haven't for a few years. We just visited and looked at some old pics which was really fun. Sophia did not stay up even close to midnight. hopefully she wont for a few more years.

    Tyler and I have both made a few new years resolutions. I try not to make to many and I try to make them realistic so that i can stick to them, so here are mine.

1. Exercising, taking over all good care of my body. Along with that strive to have good self esteem. I am not perfect and I understand that but sometimes I can be hard on myself.

2. Eat at the dinner table every night. And along with that be better at planning meals in advance (have a menu for the week). My table is often full of my latest project so a lot of times we end up eating in the living room. I think it's really important to sit down as a family for dinner every night so I am making it happen!

3. Spend more quality one on one time with Sophia. I know what you are all thinking, I am a stay at home mom right? Well I want to be better at having fun little activities planned for us, like play group, or going to the park, or putting a puzzle together, or doing  craft together, things like that. Where Sophia can learn and have fun at the same time.

4. Going to the temple more often. Tyler and I are pretty good but we could get a lot better!

5. Quality time with my husband. We get so caught up in life sometimes we forget to just take a couple hours for us.

So there it is, my list. Not to long, not to unrealistic. I think it will be great to work on these! So anyway enough of my ramblings here are some cute pics of Sophia. When we were at grandpa Bohn's we went on a walk with Saundra afterwards Sophia and I played outside. In grandpa's yard there is this little bunny statue and Sophia thought it was her personal pet! It was so funny! She would sit next to it, put her arm around it, kiss it, feed it, pet it. It was so stinking cute!

     She also found that stump and had to use it as her little personal chair. She had to carry my camera bag around as her little purse too! I sure have a girly girl on my hands. 


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Lee-Ruth-Clark-Cal-Shanna-Haley-Elden said...

What a fun trip to Logandale! Shopping after Christmas was amazing I bet! How fun. I love the pictures of Sophia. What a cute girl. Have a great New Year!