Friday, August 17, 2012

baby boy 36 weeks

     That's right I hit the 36 week mark!  4 weeks to go, actually 3 but that's beside the point. How am I feeling? I get that question 3 or 4 times a day. I never know how honest to be. I usually go with, I am hanging in there. How I really feel, I am unbelievably uncomfortable!! I was not this uncomfortable with Sophia. I am told it's because of my other issues, since things aren't where they should be it is putting much more pressure on my body. Which makes it uncomfortable to walk, sit, lay, sleep (what's that?), eat, pretty much anything. I also feel like a giant sweat ball! ha ha it's the truth though. I am hot all the time and so swollen my ankles have stretch marks! That's right, you read that correctly, I have stretch marks on my ankles from swelling! It is kind of ridiculus but what can you do?

     Don't get me wrong I am grateful to be prego and to have made it to this point. Besides the constant uncomfortable feelings, I really try to enjoy this part of my pregnancy. I still love feeling the baby move inside me, even when he jabs me extra hard. I love watching my belly make weird shapes. I love when Tyler sits there and rubs my belly and feels the baby moving. I love when Sophia gets tired and comes and lays her head on my prego belly and baby boy gives her a swift kick ha ha. I really actually like the way I look with my round belly. Sure I have my days where I feel like a heffer but for the most part I really feel pretty when I am prego. There is something so amazing and sometimes weird about the way a woman's body holds a baby.

     Anyway on to my appointment. The doctor was wanting to check dialation this week but when I went in my blood pressure was really high. So he decided to take a bunch of tests instead. He did some blood tests and my group b strep test and some other test, I will spare you the details. He is waiting for all the results and then at my appointment this Tuesday he will check dialation and compare that and test results make a plan for when this baby is coming. Most likely I will be induced a week early. Which means this baby could be here in as little as 17 days!! YAY!

     Since my blood pressure is high the doctor keeps telling me to do less and less. I was already on a take it easy regiment, gravity is not your friend. Then he told me I needed to be laying down and having my feet up at night. Now he told me to lay down during the day while Sophia naps. SO really what am I supposed to do but lay down? ha ha. He knows I have a 2 year old and I think he is trying to put off bed rest as long as possible which I appreciate but lets be honest I am pretty much on it. Tyler has been great at doing stuff around the house for me since I am not supposed to do much. I also have not been feeling well since my blood pressure is up, so Tyler has been a big help.

     I have been trying to finish up baby boy projects but my energy is an all time low so we will see. I did finish a couple more blankets but I don't have pics. I did make these 2 cute onesies for my cousin Kendra's little girl that is due 4 weeks after baby boy.

     I was going to make little matching shoes but I didn't start these till the night before her shower SO that didn't happen. She loved them and that's all that matters. 

     In other news Tyler has officially turned in his Optometry applications! Now we just wait. I am so excited for him. He got a letter in the mail yesterday from one of the schools. It was just an admissions office letter letting him know about the school but the admissions director personally wrote on it "great OAT score" which made Tyler feel really good about his applications! So cross your fingers for us! 


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Lee-Ruth-Clark-Cal-Shanna-Haley-Elden said...

I am glad you are "hanging" in there! I am VERY glad that you are almost done! YAY! I am thankful that Tyler is such a great husband for you! I am really excited to hear about the optometry schools. He'll do great. Cute onsies!