Sunday, April 29, 2012

Park City

     Last Wednesday Sophia and I were both going stir crazy after being trapped in the house for a couple of days. Tyler got off work early so we decided to go on a family outing. We had some gift cards to city deals so we used one to buy a gift card to a restaurant in park city. Park City is about an hour from Provo. We drove up there and had dinner. The drive was really fun, Tyler loves it because it has a lot of twist and turns and different things to look at. Sophia even enjoyed it ad kept pointing out things she saw out the window. The food was pretty good, all in all we had a good time.  

     Funny story about this family pic. This old man who could barely walk came over to us in the restaurant and asked if we had a camera. I said yes, quite hesitantly, he asked us if we would like a family photo? We said sure, he took one said "There now you have a nice family picture" and proceeded to walk away. Ha ha it was so random and funny. The picture did turn out quite nice though. Was it that obvious we were't from Park City? ha ha 

     Sophia got a hold of my camera and took like 50 pics, this was the one with the most face on it!

     The restaurant was actually in downtown Park City not over by the outlets. I had never actually been downtown. We walked around the million dollar houses after dinner and then headed home. It was a fun family outing! 


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