Wednesday, July 18, 2012


     I was sitting in silence for the first time in, oh I don't know weeks, and reading this lovely post on mothers. (go read it! This lady is in my ward and is fabulous! It's not long it won't take all day.) It case you didn't read it it's typically about not judging mother's and how hard we are on one another.

     Now I am not going to preach on here to you or anything but seriously how often do mothers talk about mothering? How often in those mothering talks are we criticizing another mother? I am guilty of it. While I was sitting in my quiet living room reading this post I just thought WHY? Why do we feel the need to do that? Why do we feel the need to criticize someone on the hardest job alive? Motherhood is HARD! It is not easy. It is fun, rewarding, laughable, cryable, and straight up sometimes crappy (literally and figuratively). So why do we feel the need to pull each other down?

      I don't want to rewrite everything Meg wrote cause if you go read her post she says it perfectly. I wanted to post things I do as a mother that other woman might think are not okay. That's right I am spilling my dirty secrets.

     1. I did not breastfeed. GASP.
     2. Sophia sometimes watches more than an hour of TV a day. OH MY.
     3. I took the binkie away cold turkey. That's right, I made my child suffer for two days till she learned to sleep without it.
     4. I don't bath my child everyday. HORROR
     5. I forget to change her bum till sometimes it is sagging to the ground. GROSS
     6. She eats hot dogs, chicken nuggets, french fries. Processed food?! Yeah she eats it sometimes!
     7. I let her sit on the floor, on the couch, on the ottoman to eat lunch. Not in a high chair? Call DCFS!
     8. Some days I don't get her dressed. WHAT?
     9. I never brush her teeth in the morning, only at bedtime. CAVITIES!
     Those are only 9 of I am sure many things I do that are not "mother approved". Enjoy it, judge me, talk about me if you need to, but then maybe think this, women have been raising kids since adam and eve and NONE of those mothers raised their children like YOU, and millions and millions of those children turn into amazing people, decent people, people we become friends with and associate with everyday, people who change the world for the better.

     We are moms! Our lives are not a cake walk! How about just a little support and  love for one another! We are all different, do what works for you and your family and appreciate what other mothers do for their families!


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Kendra said...

Amen. I actually have a draft post I started, oh...two months ago? about this very same thing (and others). I need to finish it. But yes, I totally agree. And I think you're a great mom. And I do most of those things as well... ;)