Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A week of new recipes

     Do you ever get sick of the same meals rotating through you dinner schedule? I do! Especially when I am prego. So I decided to try a week of new recipes. I got most of them from my Pinterest board. Here was the schedule.

Monday: Chillis Cajun Chicken pasta : This one was to die for! It really did taste like the recipe from Cilli's!                  So good. The portions were huge though. It said it was for two we could have fed more like four with it. 
Tuesday: Apple Kielbasa : This one was so so for me. Tyler liked this one though. If you have never heard of Kielbasa it is kinda like a sausage. We ate it a lot growing up. I love Kielbasa but for some reason (Which could be very well pregnancy) this recipe did not sit well with me. Tyler loved it though so try it and see what you think. 
Wednesday: Left Overs

Thursday: Stuffed Potatoes : I know I know Stuffed potatoes? How is that a new recipe? Well what you put inside of it was a new recipe.We loved it! We just added some cheese and sour cream on top and it was delicious! 
Friday: Taco Salad : Same thing new recipe for taco salad. It was alright pretty much tasted like every other taco salad I have ever had nothing special but try it if you want too. 

Saturday: Left Overs 

Sunday:  Jamaican jerk chicken with Jamaican rice and peas : This one was awesome! I did this one because Tyler talked about this chicken on his mission all the time. So I tried it and it was to die for! I also made from scratch Jamaican rice and peas which is really rice and beans and spices. Both were equally great! Try it, and so much better when bbq on a grill!

     So anyway it was a fun week trying new recipes and now we have some more fun stuff to add to our rotation of recipes! You should try it too! 


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