Monday, July 2, 2012

Sophia's second birthday!!

     You read the title right my baby is 2! That is just crazy to me. Why? It's crazy that my baby is 2, she isn't really a baby at all anymore. Tyler and I have been parents for 2 years! We have our second kid coming in 2 short months. All of this is crazy to me but I have loved the last two years of being this girls momma! I am one lucky lady! 

     Anyway some quick stats on this little one. She weighs 32 lbs. and is 40 inches tall. She is in the 92% for weight and the 97% for height, meaning she is basically the size of a 3 year old. She is giant. Tyler is hoping that will mean a basketball scholarship! She loves Minnie Mouse, Sesame street (Ernie is what she calls it), and tangled. She Will eat any fruit you give her, corn is the only vegetable I can get her to eat, I am not even sure that counts as a veggie. She loves steak, pasta, and Homemade french bread (seriously the only bread she will eat willingly). She is learning some many new words everyday, I can almost always figure out what she is talking about. She is getting more and more polite it is so cute! She waves by to anyone who drives past us in a car, or walks out any door, or walks in a general direction away from her. Bye Bye, See ya is typically her phrase it's stinking cute! And of course her curly hair just gets curlier as she gets older, it's actually getting quite long but you can't tell because it just curls up! 

     Anyway enough bragging here is her party. It was Minnie mouse themed. I pretty much made everything myself and it was a great success. I always warned Tyler our kids would never have simple parties growing up because my mom always did themed parties and I loved it growing up so till my kids tell me to stop they will get them too! 

Sophia's birthday outfit. Minnie headband and dress.

Minnie Plates! We had hot dogs for the kids, on the Mickie mouse club house they always sing this hot dog song at the end of it so they tied in great! The grownups got pork ribs.

Mason jars filled with drinks.

Chocolate covered oreos in mickie head shapes.

Sticky chex mix thank yous! These were a big hit I didn't have any left over! Here is the recipe I used. 

Mickie head sugar cookies for a fruit pizza bar, so yummy! Also there are minnie cupcakes in the corner of the pic that turned out so cute, and the table center pieces made of pink tubs and paper pom poms.

I found a bubble machine at walmart for like 5 dollars and the kids all loved it! 

Blowing out candles she made us do it like 3 times because she thought it was so fun! ha ha

Opening presents, she did much better with her birthday then she did at Christmas! She actually ripper the paper and wanted to see what was inside.

The amazing table fort Hanna made Sophia. She loved it! All the kids loved it ha ha they were all under there together at one point. It is seriously so cute! and we play with it all the time! 

Sophia's big present from my brothers and sisters was this bike! Sophia loves the little boy's bike who lives next to us so we figured it was time to get her one of her own! She loves it! She asks to ride it everyday.

     The party was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who came and for all the gifts she loved all of them! A special thanks to my mother who showed up early and with out my asking took care of putting everything together and putting everything away so I could visit with the guests! And one for Hanna for taking pics for me so I didn't have to worry about it! And Sara and Jess for helping me Friday, chop all the fruit and fill gift bags and watch Sophia and all my last minute things! And everyone who brought food, mom, Shelby, Briana! You guys are all great! 


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Lee-Ruth-Clark-Cal-Shanna-Haley-Elden said...

CUTE party! Love it! I bet you all had a great time. I loved seeing the theme carried throughout.