Monday, June 25, 2012

Baby Boy 28 weeks

     Last Monday was my 28 week mark. The appointment answered a few questions for us but we still have quite a few unanswered questions too. Anyway lets talk about the worst part of the appointment first. It was the dreaded glucose test. That drink makes me so nauseous! I must look really pale or something when I am sick because the nurses can always tell haha. First thing she asked me was, are you not feeling good! Then on top of that I had to get poked twice to draw blood. My husband was sitting right by me though because he knows how much I hate needles!! Good news is the test came back normal and everything was good. I was more worried about my blood pressure and my Iron level, because I had pre-eclampsia and low Iron with Sophia but both were normal (for now). We are hoping they stay that way.

     I feel like this little man is huge but the doc keeps telling me I am measuring right on. This little boy is super active though! The doctor couldn't get him to hold still to find his heart beat long enough to count it. He tried squishing the baby into one spot so he couldn't move and the baby just kicked his little monitor really hard so we still couldn't listen. It was pretty funny! The doctor just laughed and said obviously he is doing good in there.

     So some new things we learned. The baby is still breach, they are telling me he can still flip but he has been in the same position for the last 3 months. He seems pretty comfortable where he is. I am getting nervous but keeping our hopes up. We also learned if I do end up having a c-section they will not do the hysterectomy at the same time if they don't have to because I could lose way to much blood. They will only do that in emergencies, they will however tie my tubes while I am in there. Why are am I tying my tubes if I am needing a hysterectomy? If we can, they want to wait and see how I heal after the baby to determine when I would actually need the hysterectomy. So I am getting my tubes tied because if it heals pretty good it could be years before I would actually need the hysterectomy. We are hoping that is the case but we just wont know till after the baby gets here. The doc also told me that because the baby is breach and I am farther along I will be coming in a lot more often. They want to track the baby and they don't want me going into labor on my own if the baby is still breach. My labor with Sophia was really fast so they want to have control over this one if I am going to be having a c-section.

    Anyway I am 29 weeks now. I am getting there! We are getting so excited to meet this little guy! I have so many friends due this summer before me and this week 3 of them had babies. It is making me so excited for  my little man, he just needs to finish cooking first.



Kendra said...

That's funny he was kicking the Doppler and moving so much! Silly guy! And kind of awesome news about you tying your tubes instead of doing the hysterectomy. That sounds like a way better option. Can you still do it if it's not a c-section? Or no because you'd have him vaginally and have to see how your "insides" handle that? So much to think about! I'm glad things are going well. And I totally know what you mean about feeling bigger than you should. Ugh.

Lee-Ruth-Clark-Cal-Shanna-Haley-Elden said...

I bet that was nice to get some information about the birth. And YAY about 29 weeks! That is wonderful! Yeah, when Elden was born, they did a hysterectomy right then and I did loose a lot blood. They gave me three blood transfusions (I think three) during the procedure. The hard part was that some scar tissue on my uterus had adhered to my abdominal wall. They had to separate that first before they could do the hysterectomy. Glad they are only tying the tubes....So if you heal properly, can you have another baby down the road? And just untie your tubes at some point?

Annelise said...

Ruth, Having your tubes tied is a permanent thing. I am 90% sure they can't reverse it, because it actually scars your Fallopian tubes. I guess if we really wanted to we could do invetro, but I have other complications that would prevent me from having more babies. I will still need a hysterectomy at some point but they are hoping it's just further down the road, like years down the road.