Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Me and my crafty self

     As previously stated I did also make my mother in law a mother's day gift. I just got it to her this weekend so now I can show you what I made her. I made her some photo blocks with pictures of her 3 granddaughters on it. They turned out so cute and she loved them! Sorry for the poor quality of pics. I always finish my projects at night after Sophia goes to bed so then my pics have crappy lighting when I take them. 

     Also another I craft I just recently finished was one for my sister. She just moved into a new apartment and bought herself all brand new furniture. While we were shopping we were looking for decorative pillows for her couches. Well pillows are expensive!! It was like $20 a pillow. I just couldn't let her spend that, so I told her I would make her some cute couch pillows. I got the fabric on clearance and the pillows half off. SO for 8 pillows it cost $50 dollars rather than $160!! I would say that is a steal! 

I made one big bow one, two with stripes and 3 buttons across, two with one button and a loop, and a couple of just regular pillows. All removable and washable.

     Don't mind my old hand me down couch. These are going on some super nice dark brown leather couches. I think they will look so great in her living room with all the fun furniture and decorations we picked out over her birthday! 


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