Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pregnancy Update

     I should have updated this a week or so ago but I just am a little behind on things. I had another doctors appointment about a week after I found out I had a prolapsed cervix. At this appointment the doctor informed me that Typically in this situation they give the woman a Hysterectomy. Apparently when your cervix is this low it  can pull your other organs down, and with time and gravity that can be a bad situation. I am young though and they would really rather not give me the Hysterectomy if we can avoid it. I would be on hormone pills till I am in my 50's. There is talk of doing a half hysterectomy where they would just take out my uterus and leave the ovaries in there. If we did that I would have to go back later in my life and get the rest taken out. There are some other options that don't sound super pleasant, lets just say they involve putting things in and taking things out every day to hold everything up. They told me I could do that for years if I wanted. I really don't want to. Anyway it all just depends on how I heal after the baby is born, and how things go during delivery. Again it's just a waiting game, So we just wait and get in as many prayers as we can before everything goes down.

     On a brighter note I haven't put up any updates about my beautiful daughter in a while. She is getting smarter everyday! It's so fun! My new favorite thing is her animal noises. She can do a cow, cat (my favorite),  horse, dog, pig, and duck. She is starting to count along with me when I count things. She says two, two, four, six(IX), nine(INE), ten(EN). It's adorable! She is also starting to test mom and dad and see how much she can get away with. The bad thing is is she is so funny sometimes Tyler and I can't help but laugh. Then she thinks it's a game. We have really been trying to be better at that! She loves music and loves to dance! She has been getting more creative with her dance moves and it is pretty hilarious. I think she is about ready to start potty training but I just haven't felt well and haven't wanted to try so this summer I think we will really focus on that. I really am blessed to have this girl in my life! Watching her gets me more and more excited for my next one to come! We can't wait to be the parents of two kids! 

PS. I have been taking some pics but I am lucky to get an update posted, just hang in there with me and I will post pics soon. 


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