Saturday, February 16, 2013

Roller Derby

One word.. AWESOME! 
With names like VaKilla Cupcake, Bunz Bunny and my personal favorite, Harry Slaughter, how could it not be awesome. 

For some reason my video won't upload and it's making me really mad so I'll try to figure it out and check back later!

Once you get the hang of the rules and start to understand that there is some actual strategy in what they are doing then it was so much fun to watch!

Tyler really wants me to join a team! I told him I need to practice on my skating a bit ha ha. I think the last time a skated I was in like Jr. High but I could see myself shoving some chicks around ha ha.

Seriously though, we will be going back! 

Their mascot, scaring some kids.  

It was a good time! I am glad we went for our anniversary. Oh and the best part, most of the money they make at the games goes to local charities and they feature the charities at the derby each night! 
Good enough reason to go? I think yes! 



Kendra said...

So random. So awesome. It actually made me think of the Bachelor because he did a roller derby date. But then when a girl fell while warming up and ended up going to the hospital, he changed it to just skating. Ha! So where the heck is this?

.Chrissy said...

That sounds way funny! And I don't think I have told you how adorable I think your header is! I love it! Your blog looks really good!!