Tuesday, January 29, 2013


     So my kids have been growing at an alarming rate! Joel has gone from my little baby to a full blown sitter who likes to play and laugh more than he likes to be cuddled. He is seriously the happiest baby ever though! Sophia is still a girly girl. She has recently stopped napping, I thought my life was over ha ha but she still has quiet time a couple of hours a day in her room where she plays by herself. It has actually really improved her imagination skills and her ability to entertain herself. She also goes to bed an hour earlier now and still sleeps till 8! So it hasn't been horrible. 

Here is some quick pics of my kiddos.

Joel wearing pj's that used to be uncle Seth's.

Playing with dad.

Sophia had to get her blood taken for an allergy test. It was the saddest thing ever. The nurse put a cute bow on her arm and she got some prizes and ice cream for being so brave. The test came back negative, just FYI. 

I love Joel's face in this one. Ha ha he was done doing pics!

I have a sitter now! He is a little wabbly some days and he gets to excited sometimes and falls over but he can sit up by himself! Four months old and a sitter. This kid is an over achiever! ha ha

Sophia told me one day she needed to put her doll house in her little house. Ha ha ha this is what she ment.

My kid is more gangster than yours ha ha. 

Sophia wanted to take a picture so I told her to pose like a ballerina. 

We were in a valentines mood last week so we decorated Valentine cookies.

Eating her cookies, and the finished project! 

Sophia insisted minnie mouse was hungry too. So they had lunch together. Notice minnie has her own cup with her own face on it ha ha.



Hanna Caldwell said...

I feel like the way I keep up with you guys now is through your blog since we don't see each other much...shame on us since we live so close! We need to come down more. Joel is getting so big and has the cutest smile and I'm glad to see the table house is still in good use :)

adamandrebeccacoughran said...

joels faces are too cute! he is such i chunk, i love it! and sophia is such a big girl, having her own funny ideas. its cute seeing what kids think up of.