Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentines day and crazy train

     We don't usually go to crazy on Valentines day. Mostly because our anniversary is a week before. So we will stay at home have a nice dinner and celebrate with the kids. This year we also had Sara and Addie over to play that night, they had been over pretty much every night that week and Sophia was loving it! She asked me everyday for aunt Sara ha ha! She still does. Anyway we had a yummy steak and mashed potato dinner with chocolate covered strawberries dipped in toffee. So Yummy!

     My mom always got us little gifts for every holiday, I like to do it for my kids to. It is so much fun especially around Sophia's age! So she got some socks, a little Minnie mouse coloring page, a chalkboard flower thing I made her and Addie and some candy. The babies also got socks but instead of candy the got puff snacks and yogurt melts! Cost me under 5 dollars for everything and it just made the day so fun!

     Tyler was a champ this year and got me an awesome mani, pedi, and facial package that I can't wait to use! I got him a candy bar ha ha like I said we usually go small. He very much surprised me, which was great!  Thanks love!

SO I have been on this crazy decorate my house thing. Which is weird because we have lived here since Sept. and I haven't even hung up my picture frames, and if all goes according to plan we will be moving in April. I know weird but oh well.

With some of my birthday money I got us some new bedding and sheets! I liked our old bedding but my colors were brown and green and my room was just dark. I love our new Yellow, grey and white set! It brightens up our room and makes me want to spend time in there, but now my dark brown and green headboard didn't match. I made that a couple years ago out of an old GIANT window! I was pretty proud of it but it needed a makeover.

So i pushed out the middles, sanded it, gave it a coat of grey paint, and hung a wreath on it! Super cheap makeover and I love it! Now if I could just find some curtains. 

I finished these embroidery hoop art things awhile ago I just never hung them. Then I got the idea to add Sophia's name. I had these letters from before, they were red and black. I sanded them down painted and hung everything. Voila.

I saw this idea on Pinterest and I loved it. So with some of my birthday money I bought some pillow forms from the DI. Cleaned them and made myself these bow pillows for my living room out of burlap. Super cheap and so cute. 

My kitchen was in desperate need of some curtains. I found this fabric for like 2 dollars a yrd. Made myself some curtains and a matching little window drape.

I am also in the process of recovering my storage tubs in my living, pics to come when finished, and these little square hollow things were under the lid of the all. I took them off for re-purposing needs and decided they would make really cute knock off Canvas things, so I made some decorations for Joel's room.

I love them! 

I don't know why I am on this crazy train of redecorating my house but I have lots more planned including redoing my rocking chair and storage tubs, curtains for mine and Joel's room, Pillows for Sophia's bed, and whatever else I come up with. Notice none of those were hanging my picture frames ha ha. You win some you lose some.



Kendra said...

Nice job on all the cute decorations! And I'm totally going for grey, yellow and white in our master bedroom once we move! I've lived here for 6 years and haven't done a lot of decorating. But now that we are moving I'm excited to do some stuff. I hope I can be as frugally crafty as you! :)

Lee-Ruth-Clark-Cal-Shanna-Haley-Elden said...

Love it!!!! Keep posting all your decorating things. I love reading about it and seeing the amazing transformations you do. Now you'll have some awesome things to take with you when you move!