Thursday, September 20, 2012

Family Updates!

This family has been one crazy, busy family lately so I decided to post it all at once instead of several little posts.

First of all our little guy is growing like a weed! At his two week appointment he was already 8 pounds 7 ounces. In 2 weeks he almost gained a full pound! He has also almost grown 2 inches! His newborn clothes that were so big when we brought him home are almost to small. They just grow to fast! He is getting into a good night time routine. He goes down about 10 and gets up at 2 and 6. It's really not a bad schedule for a 2 week old. Sophia is starting to realize he isn't leaving. She asks for baby Joel when she wakes up and she likes to hold him and give him his pacifier. She talks to him like he should understand her and doesn't quite get why he doesn't respond ha ha. Joel loves it when she talks to him and will just stare at her.

Tyler has been super busy with school at BYU and applying to Optometry schools. He has heard back from all 4 schools he applied to and has interviews set up for each. He had his first interview in Tennessee this last weekend. It went great! He had so much fun and was very impressed with the school. To top it off he got an offer to attend school there next year! He has nothing to compare it to right now but  after his other interviews we will make a decision of where we want to go. Tyler was super relieved to just know he got into a school, to know his hard work and plans paid off, to know he doesn't need to find a new direction in life. I couldn't be more proud of him! He has worked so hard and every school he wants to go to wants to see him. I am sure we will see a couple more offers before we choose. We could know where we are going as soon as October!

As previously stated we moved the day after I got home from the hospital so that first week home I was crazy busy unpacking and cleaning, trying to get our new apartment to feel normal. Thanks to my mother who cleaned my old place and unpacked a large chunk of my new place, our apartment started to feel normal within the week of us moving in! Then once life started to get into a routine I got knocked down hardcore ha ha. Friday, a week and a half after Joel was born, I got a double breast infection and a UTI. Now before you think I don't clean myself 1 in 3 women get a breast infection or a UTI after having a baby. I was just lucky and got all 3! Saturday morning I could barely function so Tyler took me to the ER. They decided to give me IV therapy. Which means I would get an IV put in and go to the hospital for 3 days to get antibiotics. The nurse stabbed me twice in my right hand and then burst the vein, finally she got it in my left hand. I won't mention what she had to do to check for my UTI, just know it was unpleasant, especially after having just had a baby. To top it all off Tyler left for his interview in Tennessee Sunday. Now 5 days later I am finally starting to feel better. I am super tired a lot but I'll take that over the infections! It's like my body was barely recovering from a major thing like birth then got three infections so now I am starting from scratch again to work up my energy. Thanks in a huge part to my mother in law who took care of my kids the entire weekend. I am sure she was just as exhausted as I was after her weekend with my kids!

I would like to say hopefully life will settle down, but it doesn't look like it will for a bit. Joel has an appointment at primary children's about his surgery on the 27th. (another post to come on that soon, don't worry he isn't sick). Tyler will be gone conference weekend and the weekend after and then again the weekend of the 2nd of November. As long as everyone stays healthy I am fine with it. Having said all that, we are loving life as a family of four and looking forward to our new adventures!


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Kendra said...

Sheesh! What a rollercoaster you've been through! I'm so glad Tyler got an offer and has other interviews coming up. I hope they go equally as well. And oh my gosh. I cannot imagine dealing with a double breast infection AND UTI right after having a baby. I was wincing just thinking about them poking around to give you the IV, bursting your vein, and doing other ungodly things to check for your UTI. Ew. So sorry. If Sophia needs another play date, let me know. (I won't be able to offer that for very long - ha!)