Thursday, October 25, 2012

Funny kids

     Whenever I change diapers Sophia's job is to throw them away for me. The other day after she threw them in the garbage I told her good job and clapped. Sophia then bowed and said thank you thank you! like she was talking to an audience, ha ha where does she learn this?

When J starts to get a little mad he will send out these like warning screams/wales they are not really loud or high pitched they are just kinda half a sob. It's pretty funny. He will do it 2 or 3 times before he really starts to cry to let us know he isn't happy. Most of the time if you get the binki in during the warning signals he won't start to cry.

Sophia loves the show super why and if you have ever seen it you will know that they say "super why, to the rescue". Randomly throughout the day when Sophia is playing I hear her yell "To the rescue!" Then she will come running down the hall with her arm in the air!

J is starting to smile and coo a lot. It is one of the cutest things ever! He is just like his sister though and anytime I pull the camera out to take a pic he goes straight faced. Little stinker.

Sophia likes to jump in her crib when she wakes up from her nap. For the last week or so I have been telling her not to do that because it will break the crib. Now when Sophia wakes up I hear her yell "Mom! Where are you?", "Dad! Where are you?" till one of us goes in and gets her. Then when I walk in she goes "You found me!"

When J gets cooing and gets really excited his arms start to move crazy fast and then he usually hits himself in the face pretty hard with his fist. It's so funny because he will freeze all of sudden with a stunned face then start talking again and do it all over again.

Whenever Sophia and I play with her play kitchen, she first starts by rubbing her belly and saying "Me SOO hungry!" Then when we eat she licks her lips and goes "Mmm So delicious!"

My kids are a hoot!


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